Dogs of Berlin season 1 episode 9 recap: Overtime


On the eve of the Tarik-Amir raid Grimmer finds Erdem’s killer while Erol comes to an important decision on the ninth episode of Dogs of Berlin.

The police discover the brawl and call the riot police. Until then, they have to allow the fight to continue, hope that they start to wear themselves out.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Brotherhood gets stabbed in the chest. Ulf swoops in to take him to safety while the police finally arrive to break up the fight. Ulf and Mandy go to find a doctor to help their leader, but while they’re gone Eva kills him and tells them they were too late.

Eva plans to use his death and Ulf’s attempt to save him to get him elected as new leader.

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Grimmer knows that the guy in apartment 36, Albert Meiser, killed Erdem. It was all about a stupid dispute over Erdem’s dog pooping in Meiser’s backyard.

This guy already feels disenfranchised by the Turkish community, feels his space and culture is being threatened, so when Erdem disrespected his property he freaked out and hit him with a signpost. Grimmer detains Meiser, but doesn’t arrest him.

Erol recognizes Hans’ cough from the night he was attacked and he realizes it was Grimmer who beat him up that night. He follows Hans to where Grimmer is in apartment 36 and decides to confront him.

Grimmer has a proposition. Sit on the murderer for now and use the task force and its powers to clean up the streets while they have the chance. As soon as they reveal the killer, the task force goes away. They could do so much good with the power and resources they have now.

Grimmer tries to convince him by coming clean about his methods, but only about select things and only a version of the truth. If Erol reports Grimmer now, the Tarik-Amir raid will get canceled and Meiser will probably go free in the end because Grimmer didn’t follow due process.

If Erol reports him, everyone will get burned – which is really Grimmer’s fault, but the blame falls on Erol for reporting it. It sucks, but Erol refuses to sacrifice his integrity and what he believes is right. Grimmer has a point, but so does Erol; the end never justifies the means.

The funny thing is that one of Erol’s objections is that a cover-up like Grimmer is suggesting could easily spiral out of control, resulting in them having to cover up a constantly mounting pile of evidence just to keep one secret.

He’s basically describing Grimmer’s life, and agreeing to his proposition would make Erol a party to more than he even knows. Grimmer lets Erol go and given him an hour to think it over.

Erol goes to check on Murad and Maissa and finds the hit squad waiting for him. Maissa calls him to warn him, but he doesn’t answer the phone. Something tips him off before they strike and he has a slight advantage. A fantastic single shot sequence follows of Erol evading the hit squad.

The police arrive and the hit squad retreats. Erol calls Grimmer and agrees to his plan. I had more faith in Erol’s integrity and am disappointed to see him stoop to Grimmer’s level, but it also makes good narrative sense if there’s one more episode.

Meanwhile, it turns out Kareem is sleeping with Kamila and they’ve been planning all along to take down Hakim from the inside. The wedding is tomorrow, however, and Kamila wants Kareem to promise to take him down before then.

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Trinity is someone who is interested in knowing the truth for her own intellectual satisfaction and risks her life to search Schmaus’s apartment for evidence he worked for the German Football Association.

Laubach is there waiting for her and tells her what she wants to know, confirming Schmaus’s story. The idea was to create the scandals themselves so they could better control the players.

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