Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 11: “It’s Always Open”

Plot: When Kimmy has a false alarm, Stephanie can’t get ahold of Jimmy. It makes her, and especially DJ, question whether or not he’s ready to become a father. DJ doesn’t agree with how Stephanie handles the situation, and they stop speaking.

They settle their difference the only way a corny show knows how to do it, through a dodgeball game. In the end, the girls makeup and Stephanie gets Jimmy to define their relationship and become more responsible.

Meanwhile, Kimmy hires the perfect high school intern, Casey (Ben J. Pierce). She and Fernando love him so much, they try to set him up with Ramona. But Ramona realizes right away that Casey is gay. Instead, the two become good friends. And Ramona confronts Kimmy about her endless meddling.

Guest stars: Nobody!

Funniest part: Apparently, Ramona was born in a car. So, when Kimmy is leaving for the hospital, she yells, “I refuse to have another car baby!” After the come back from the false alarm, Stephanie says, “2,000 bucks so Kimmy could fart on a nurse.”

Throwback: No Full House throwback, but Kimmy randomly dresses like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Here come the Tears: Casey helps Ramona realize how wonderful her mom is.

Corniness Level: 4 out of 5 cheeses. The whole dodgeball scene was ridiculous and served no purpose.