Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 13: “Opening Night”

Plot: DJ gets her hands on three Hamilton tickets for her, Stephanie, and Kimmy. It will serve as their “babymoon.” But Kimmy goes into labor at the show!

Rocki is still pissed about the prom and officially breaks up with Jackson. But after the kids find out that Kimmy’s water broke, they need a ride to the hospital, and Rocki is the only one they know with a car.

Fernando, Jimmy, and Max head to a sandwich shop that Kimmy forbade them of going to because of her aversion to deli meats. But they get the call on their way. They still go get the sandwiches.

After Kimmy gives birth, it’s a girl! And as Stephanie holds her new baby, Jimmy proposes to “Stephanie Judith Tanner,” and she accepts.

Guest stars: No one!

Funniest part: In the car on the way to back from the sandwich shop, Max tells Jimmy he’s going to be a great dad. And when Jimmy says, “You’re going to be a great dad, too.” Max replies, “I’m 10.”

Throwback: No real throwback this episode.

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Here come the Tears: The entire birth scene was tear-inducing. Sure, it was corny, but it was more touching than anything else. They shot it in slow motion backed by Joni Mitchell’s The Circle Game.”

Corniness Level: 5 out 5 cheeses. But I don’t care! You don’t watch Fuller House expecting realism. You want it to be corny and wholesome.