Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 3: “A Sense of Purpose”

Plot: DJ appears on Wake Up San Francisco with Matt (John Brotherton), who started his own pet clinic. Although they booked the segment when they still were business partners and a couple, neither refused to give up the spot about pet adoption.

The confrontation on the show is uncomfortable. The two came up with different ways to sabotage each other’s businesses, but eventually call a truce. They realize they work better together and that they can still be business partners.

While Ramona has a slew of activities she can put on her college application, Jackson struggles to find his niche. He discovers he can kick a football when in his frustration, he kicks a conveniently placed football on a tee in the backyard.

Guest stars: Danny (Bob Saget) is staying with DJ and struggles with his retirement. He wasn’t hired back onto Wake Up San Francisco with Becky (Lori Loughlin), who also made an appearance.

Funniest part: DJ dresses up as an old lady and Kimmy as her nurse and spies on Matt’s clinic. When Matt discovers them, he kicks them out. But another old lady in a wheelchair, conveniently dressed like DJ, complements her on her hat, so she gives it to her. Matt mistakes the other old lady for DJ and aggressively pushes her out the door.

Throwback: Danny’s many references to cleaning and organizing.

Here come the Tears: No tears here, either. What gives Fuller House?

Corniness Level: 2 out of 5 cheeses. The way Jackson discovers his golden toe is corny. And the way DJ and Matt make up so easily, just doesn’t happen in real life.