Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 4: “Ghosted”

Plot: It’s DJ and Steve’s two-week-aversary. Although they’ve never heard of it, Fernando and Kimmy make a huge deal about it and convince them to keep out-doing each other with gifts. They start small – flowers and teddy bears – but eventually, Steve creates an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in the house for DJ.

Stephanie performs at a kids’ party, and the kids resoundingly reject her because she’s not genuine enough. She doubts her ability to be a good mom.

Ramona gets ghosted by the cool girls in school. At first, Kimmy finds the girls and they trick her into thinking she got through to them.

But Stephanie shows up and not only defends Ramona, but she also convinces the lemmings of the head mean girl who the only reason they hang out with her is that they’re scared of her. When the lemmings come crying back to Ramona, she decides she doesn’t want to be friends with them after all.

And Stephanie realizes she will be a good mom for helping Ramona out.

Guest stars: No one. Seriously, where’s Uncle Jesse?

Funniest part: During a pep talk for Stephanie,

Throwback: Steve’s love for food always brings a smile to my face.

Here come the Tears: After Steph defends Ramona, Ashlyn the waitress comes up to Steph and commends her for what she did, saying Ramona’s lucky to have a mom that cares this much. When Steph corrects her, Ashlyn replies, her kids will be lucky to have her.

Corniness Level: 3 out of 5 cheeses. The whole two-week-anniversary seemed to be just an excuse to show off Candace Cameron Bure’s midriff.