Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 5: “No Escape”

Plot: DJ and Steve have two extra tickets to an Escape Room and invite Matt and his new girlfriend. But surprise, his new girlfriend is Gia (Marla Sokoloff), DJ’s arch-nemesis. At first, Steve is worried that DJ is jealous, but in true Fuller House fashion, that’s not even an issue.

She just despises her. So, it turns into a competition between the two couples and ends with Matt and Gia working really well together and DJ and Steve arguing. Don’t worry; they make up.

Stephanie and Kimmy host a Lamaze class at the Fuller home, and Kimmy gets jealous of Stephanie being the one using the baby doll.

Ramona organizes a rally at the school, but Jackson ends up on television, stealing her spotlight.

Guest stars: Gia makes her grand entrance back onto the show as Matt’s “little bunny” to his “thumper.” Gross.

Funniest part: Jimmy happens to swaddle the baby perfectly, because of his previous work wrapping burritos. He drops the baby doll and picks it up quickly, saying “It’s ok 5-second rule!”

Throwback: When DJ calls Gia a “6th grade, crop top wearing, smoking in the bathroom Gia!” This references Season 7’s “Fast Friends” episode.

Here come the Tears: Kimmy worries that they will go back to the way they were before the pregnancy, with Stephanie hating her. But Stephanie assures her that their relationship has changed for the better and won’t change after the baby comes. Awwww!

Corniness Level: 1 out 5 cheeses. It’s definitely not the cheesiest episode they ever put forth.