Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 7: “President Fuller”

Plot: Max decides to run for class president against his beloved Rose (McKenna Grace). But she breaks up with him, turning his campaign into a nasty one.

Rose’s mom, CJ (Virginia Williams), is still not over the fact that DJ ruined her wedding. Did I mention CJ was Steve’s fiancé? In the end, Max drops out of the presidential race, and DJ apologizes to CJ about the wedding. CJ actually forgives her!

Meanwhile, at Wake Up San Francisco, Becky hates her co-host, a misogynistic swine who consistently sexually harasses Becky on air and makes inappropriate comments. After he goes way overboard on hair, they hire Danny back, and the two are back together hosting the morning show.

Stephanie competes against Sudsy the Clown to be the best kid’s entertainer. But it proves to be a bad move when Sudsy sends mob-like clown messages to Steph – a red nose in a box, pies on the door. She defeats him in a riff-off, her with an electric guitar and him with an accordion.

Guest stars: Danny and Becky, but still no sign of Jesse. He would have beat the crap out of the cohost, I’m sure!

Funniest part: The clown vendettas were pretty funny, especially with Fernando making such a dramatic deal about it. Fernando and Jimmy have the best lines of the whole show.

Throwback: Just the fact that Danny and Becky are back hosting Wake Up San Francisco is awesome.

Here come the Tears: No tears today!

Corniness Level: 2 out of 5 cheeses. The whole CJ and DJ thing is pretty far-fetched. I can’t imagine many people who would befriend the person responsible for breaking up an engagement, moments before they’re supposed to say “I do.”