Fuller House season 4 recap: Best season of the reboot so far

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Episode 8: “Driving Mr. Jackson”

Plot: Ramona and Jackson attend their first high school party. Jackson drank alcohol at the party and gets so drunk he calls Fernando to come to pick them up. Jackson begs Fernando not to tell his mom, but she finds out anyway.

At first, she’s livid at Fernando, but after a heart-to-heart, she sees it from his perspective that Fernando wants to Jackson to trust him and come to him as a male figure in his life.

At the pet clinic, Matt’s win as the vet of the year goes right to his head, creating tension at work. It especially hits DJ hard when clients begin requesting him over her.

Becky signs her and Pamela (remember they adopted a baby last season) for a mommy and me class, but with her being back at work, Jesse (YAY!!) attends instead (at the Fuller house). Of course, the mommies are all in love with Jesse (I mean, hello?!) and bad mouth Becky. But he stands up for her. Have mercy!

Guest stars: JESSE! FINALLY! And Becky.

Funniest part: Definitely the way the mom’s become too aggressive with Jesse. They are all of us. Bonus for Steph giving Jackson advice for curing his hangover.

Throwback: None that I could really detect in this one.

Here come the Tears: DJ and Fernando have never really seen eye-to-eye. But their heart-to-heart over her son was touching, and surprisingly not corny.

Corniness Level: 1 out of 5 cheeses. In an episode that in the old series would have been disgustingly corny and like an “after-school special,” I thought it was more real in the way a mother would confront her son about drinking. It could also be that I am much closer to DJ’s age and sympathize with her, too.