Editorial: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel recovered after a slow start


Did you ever hear the expression, “A rainy day in [insert tropical location], is better than a rainy day a home?” For the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, an average season of a great show is better than a great season of a mediocre show.

The first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel really knocked my socks off.

I remember watching it thinking, “I’ve never wanted the main character to succeed so much.” You have a woman, in her mid-20s who basically has to start her entire life over again.

When I was 25, I was busy working to pay for my summer shore house and then figuring out how to hide my hangover on Monday mornings. But our heroine, Midge, was dealt a huge blow to her life and had to make a different path for herself.

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The first season was the perfect blend of smart comedy, charm, and dreamy nostalgia. And that’s why it won the hearts of audiences.

But the acting and writing catapulted it into an award show darling, winning pretty much everything.

I’m not sure the second season will be held to the same acclaimed.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it; just not until about the fourth episode. That’s when the Maisels and Weissman’s went to the Catskills. I think it’s because the first season raised the bar for television shows, it would be impossible for whatever came after it to live up to expectations.

Luckily, midway through the season, the show found its flow and delivered its typical quality.

I read some criticism of Midge based on her first few episodes. She was unlikable because she seemed to have lost her drive. She was indecisive and acted privileged like the comedy thing was just some hobby.

Personally, some of the ways she would end up “performing” in front of people were a little cringe-worthy. Her friend’s wedding was torture to watch, although I think that was intentional. But again, I think Midge found her footing and became likable again once she took the comedy more seriously.

All-in-all, the season was great but didn’t blow me away like last season. I hope that Season 3 keeps up with the momentum from Season 2.

And as for the major cliffhanger, in which Midge goes back to Joel for one last night, I hope she gives her comedy career a real shot. I hope she goes out on the road with Sky Baldwin and becomes the next Lucille Ball.

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