Locke and Key is finally coming, children cast in Netflix adaptation


Locke and Key experienced a rough go when it comes to its small screen adaptation.

The Joe Hill comic books that tell the story of the Locke family and the mysterious Key House was originally set up as a television project for Fox.

A pilot was actually shot and directed by Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) but Fox didn’t like what it saw and canceled the project.

A film was announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (Star Trek) producing but that was canceled in 2015.

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In 2017, Hill revealed that Hulu was onboard and ordered a pilot from Carlton Cuse (Lost) and directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange). Andy Muschietti (It) replaced Derrickson and then Hulu passed on the show.

That might have been a blessing in disguise.

Seeing how amazing Haunting of Hill House was on Netflix makes the excitement surrounding the fact that they are now the home of Locke and Key tremendous.

Locke and Key is a story about three kids and their mother, who move to the mysterious Key House following the death of their dad. While their mom slips deeper into the bottle to ease her pain, the kids discover keys that unlock doors that offers them powers and abilities.

What only the youngest child Bode knows is that there is a demon trapped under the house that is hoping the kids eventually unlock the doors that bind him.

Deadline reports that the casting is underway and the three Locke kids have been cast.

Connor Jessup (American Crime) signed on to portray Tyler while Emilia Jones (Utopia) will take on the role of Kinsey. Jackson Robert Scott (It) plays the little brother Bode — the only carryover from the Hulu version.

Much like Haunting of Hill House,  Netflix ordered a 10-episode series for Locke and Key.

While there is enough in the series for multi-seasons, honestly the entire story could be told in 10 hours and end up just as great as the Shirley Jackson adaptation proved to be.

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Netflix is also starting from scratch, ignoring what was developed at Hulu and adding Aron Eli Coleite (Heroes) and Meredith Averill (Haunting of Hill House) to the creative team along with Joe Hill and Carlton Cuse.