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Netflix original Tidelands is a murder mystery about Tidelanders, or half-siren, half-human residents of a fishing village.

Although Tidelands doesn’t have the most complex story in its premiere, it’s easy to miss some basic, crucial details. Tidelands begins with the death of Zach Maney (Sam Foster) by two people we’ll learn are called “Tidelanders.”

Specifically, he is killed by a woman we’ll come to know as Leandra (Jet Tranter). It is a brutal kill, so we know these Tidelanders aren’t screwing around.

Not long after, we meet the show’s primary character, Calliope “Cal” McTeer (Charlotte Best). Rather than being killed on a boat, she’s shown in a prison, fighting off other female prisoners (which she does with ease).

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Cal McTeer is freed after a 10-year sentence. Because of the murder and the fighting, we already know this show’s going to be brutal. However, we also understand that the characters are going to be sexy at times. In fact, most of them look pretty much like models.

Still, those brutal aspects can’t be overlooked. When Zach Maney’s found on a beach of Orphelin Bay, his eyes are gouged out and his tongue’s cut off. Ouch! This definitely wasn’t an accidental death. Also, with the way he was found, it’s apparent that his body was intended to send a message. Orphelin Bay is apparently not the safest place to live. Aside from plentiful eye candy, there’s probably much incentive to leave the place.

Cal and Augie

On that note, we’re introduced to Officer Corey Welch (Mattias Inwood), as well as Cal’s drug-dealing brother, Augie (Aaron Jakubenko). In fact, when we first meet Augie, he’s challenges a guy in his entourage to take his gun and become the boss.

That’s a classic gangster move, and the intended result is that someone backs down (which is the case here). We also catch glimpses of Cal’s tortured memories, suggesting she can’t get a break in life.

It doesn’t help that, upon returning home, Augie begins fighting her ’til he realizes it’s his sister. Later, Augie heads out looking for someone named Adrielle (Elsa Pataky), asking someone if it was smart to kill Zach Maney, especially in such a brutal way.

It seems money figures into this story, too. Cal’s mother Rosa (Caroline Brazier) bought a local bar with Cal’s inheritance money, and it’s already clear that Augie is involved in drugs. It’s also apparent that, somehow, Rosa had convinced Cal to set the fire which landed her in prison.

Getting to know Adrielle

Meanwhile, among the so-called Tidelanders, Adrielle Cuthbert is apparently a leader, speaking before a ceremonious crowd. She scolds Leeandra for her temper, suggesting the murder of Maney will draw attention from outsiders.

She defends her act, saying she killed him for spying. Whatever the reason, there’s a detectable tension between the two women. It turns out Adrielle is sort of a diplomat between her people and, let’s just say, regular humans.

One wonders if there are any regular sirens, though, because this lot seems eagerly rough and tough. Maybe all that time spent underwater hardens their hearts? Either way, these folks aren’t like The Little Mermaid.

We even see Adrielle keeping someone prisoner in her basement. She dismisses him quickly, telling him to go back to sleep. Not long after that, she threatens Augie, then gets a little sexual with him. To add to her mystery, we see Adrielle collecting pieces of some ancient artifact.

The family business

Shortly after that awkwardness, Cal gets more familiar with the family business, finding $280,000 on a boat called Calliope (obviously named after her). She joins Augie on a business deal with the Tidelanders, where drugs are exchanged for a bunch of cash. It’s not yet clear what kind of drugs, or the exact process by which they’re distributed. Still, we know it’s not the safest business arrangement of all time.

This is especially true after Cal gets kidnapped later that night, then thrown in the ocean with chains around ankles. Still, miraculously, she doesn’t drown! Just when it seems she’s died, her eyes snap open and she starts breathing again.

One thing is obvious: Cal is a bit of a Tidelander herself! While it’s hardly the biggest twist, it’s still something to keep us wondering about the character.

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Still, was her being thrown overboard a mere test, or maybe a process by which to awaken her true “siren” nature? We don’t know by this point, but surely more will be revealed in the next episode.

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