Bad Blood season 1, episode 2 recap: Pacifier


Vito gets 10 years in prison on Bad Blood–but business continues as usual.

Bad Blood is certainly giving us a different perspective on the drug world. It’s a whole new world in Montreal and the control that the Rizzuto family possesses is unparalleled. With Vito far away in prison, business is starting to get affected. But Declan intends on keeping things organized and sane in Vito’s presence. Nico, however, is going to be a thorn in his side.

In Nico’s pursuit to let everyone know he’s the boss, he really mucks things up. In just a matter of a couple of months, things went from steady to absolute chaos. Essentially, everyone went after each other. Where there was once peace amongst the Irish, Bikers, Haitians, and Mafia, now everyone was out for blood.

After meeting with their cop confidant, Declan knew for certain that he had to get Nico under control. Things were getting so out of hand, and it didn’t seem like Nico was planning on stopping anytime soon. Oh, Nico didn’t Papa Bear didn’t you teach some manners?

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Declan conducts business as usual and this includes ensuring that bids be given to specific companies for snow removal. It’s all a crucial aspect of their businesses, and part of that involves that certain companies be persuaded to work with them. Er rather forced to work with them.

While visiting Vito in prison, Declan has to explain what is going on back in Montreal. He explains that Nico is trying to make it known that he’s in charge. As a result, it’s making things very complicated. Vito isn’t interested in the issues so much as so what Declan intends to do to fix it.

Vito does not want Nico to be involved in the way he’s trying to be. But he’s also not on the outside dealing with his stubborn son. Bad Blood dives very deep into the family dynamic of the situation, which I find very intriguing. We often see just the bloodshed or the dramatic exchanges. However, seeing the impact it has on the family is a very important aspect that I’m loving about the show.

The solution to all this? A pacifier. Vito believes that everyone needs to be consoled and coddled and led to believe all is well. And the family needs to be protected at all costs. Tell that to your son, Vito. He’s the one goofing!

Nico continues to cause issues in the business when he attempts to strike a deal that isn’t what his father had agreed upon. He doesn’t want to budge on an equity deal but insists that it’s just how it has to be done. Ugh, he’s the worst.

Meanwhile, Declan has been keeping a close eye over Michelle–per Vito’s request. But when she realizes that she’s being followed, she’s extremely pissed off.

It doesn’t help that Declan is insisting she stop going to therapy. If things go south, it could mean that the therapist may be brought in by the Feds. And the complications continue on Bad Blood.

Despite Michelle insisting that she doesn’t even talk about Vito, Declan says she has to stop going–just in case. But Declan has other problems to worry about named Nico. Not understanding the repercussions of his consequences, he blows up the car of a guy who is dating the Haitian leader’s daughter. Huge no-no. And to make matters worse, Nico isn’t even checking in with anyone before doing anything.

Because of the explosion, attention was brought to the Irish who run their drug business from the apartment that Hank’s girlfriend lives in. As a result, business has ceased for the next couple of months and they expect the Mafia to make up for the financial losses.

Nico doesn’t seem to give a crap about anything that he’s done wrong. He’s stuck on the idea of letting everyone know the Rizzutos are in charge and no one else. What he doesn’t realize is that he is causing pandemonium and backing out from deals that Vito himself made.

Vito hasn’t been responding to any of Michelle’s letters, and this forces her to show up at his family home. Luckily, Declan intercepts and calms her down but it’s enough to get Nico’s attention. He wants to know who Michelle is but Declan refuses to reveal anything. Instead, Nico kicks Declan out because he doesn’t want to hear about any of his advice or what he has to say.

Declan comes to the rescue and smooths things over with all the groups by offering them condos in a complex they are building. The hope is that it will maintain the peace and eliminate the rising tension that has formed as a result of Nico’s meddling.

Once again Nico gets flustered and starts arguing about how involved Declan is with the family business. He’s also irked by the fact that no one but Declan has gone to visit his father, and he wonders why the family trusts him so much.

It’s time for the big guns to step in and tell Nico what’s up. The truth of the matter is that Declan has been Vito’s right-hand man from the get-go, and just because he’s in prison doesn’t change that fact. Papa Rizutto wants Nico to listen to Declan and respect his father’s wishes. After all, Vito never wanted Nico to be involved in all of this.

Angered and frustrated, Nico storms out of the house–without his protection. Once Declan realizes what has happened, he runs after him. Given how much Nico has pissed people off, he can’t simply be out driving around on his own without people protecting him.

Declan was right to storm after Nico, but he was too late. Before we know it, a car pulls up next to Nico’s and someone from inside shoots right at him. He somehow manages to make it out alive and ends up at the hospital for recovery.

One would think that Nico would understand what’s at stake after all this, but nope. He thinks of this as a compliment because it means they fear him and want to eliminate him. Not even Senior Rizutto can convince him how ignorant he is behaving.

They have no idea who could have done this, but considering the number of people Nico has pissed off, it could be anyone. Vito is not happy to hear about what has been going on and blames Declan for not controlling the situation.

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What Vito doesn’t realize is how stubborn Nico is being. He doesn’t care what he’s doing so as long as he thinks people think of him as the leader. ::Facepalm:: Unfortunately, Vito starts to attack Declan to the point where he says he doubts handing him the control or giving him all that he has over the years.

Vito wants Declan to understand that he’s the employee and Rizuttos are the bosses. That’s how it’s always been and he needs Declan to do what he’s paid for. How will all this end on Bad Blood? We can only begin to imagine.

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