Z Nation canceled by SyFy, will move on anyway with a spinoff series on Netflix


SyFy is a tough home for many television shows like Z Nation because they often cancel them without warning, keeping fans from seeing them through to the end.

However, when it comes to Z Nation, the producers were smart and had a backup plan in case this happened. SyFy announced that the show was canceled after the penultimate episode of season 5 aired.

Producer David Michael Latt was thankful to SyFy for keeping the show on the air for five seasons but then he let fans know not to distress.

Z Nation is coming to Netflix, albeit with a new name and in the form of a spinoff series.

“The End of Everything” will air on Dec. 28 on SyFy, so fans will have to wait to see if they get the series finale their beloved zombie comedy deserves.

However, it won’t be long before it returns with a Netflix series titled Black Summer.

This spinoff series will take the zombie comedy in a slightly new direction with Jaime King as a mother who sets out to find her daughter during the zombie apocalypse. This show will be a little more of a typical zombie horror series rather than the satire of Z Nation.

Black Summer refers to an event during the summer of O2AZ that was an extreme drought, adding to the deaths already inflicted by the zombie outbreak. This also caused the Philadelphia Cannibal Survivor Group to start up, although it is unknown if they will appear in the new Netflix series.

Its future on Netflix will be based on how many fans come over to watch Black Summer.

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It will have to improve on its SyFy numbers, which were always low compared to other shows. In both the fourth and fifth seasons, the viewership was between 500,000 and 600,000 per episode.

However, it lived on thanks to very low production values.