Perfume season 1 episode 5 recap: The Heart Notes


Simon thinks she knows who killed Merten, but not how his death is connected to the other murders. Meanwhile, she grows desperate as Grünberg pushes her away.

Toothless goes to see his therapist in the middle of the night, hysterical and saying he’s done something terrible. She tells him to go home and come back in the morning. After Elena calls the police, she and Magda go to stay with Elena’s father.

It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in 20 years and he’s as distant as ever. He seems to have some trouble processing and communicating his emotions.

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She asks him if he hates her, and rather than answering he shows her some photos of her that he sometimes looks at. They all have her mother’s face cut out of them.

Elena’s scheme was intended to implicate her husband, or at least give her an excuse to run away for safety. The police find surveillance footage finding Toothless around the hotel near the time of the assault so they start a manhunt for him.

Meanwhile, Simon sees a scent specialist and it is revealed that she has anosmia, the inability to perceive odor, which can be caused by temporal lobe damage. Perhaps Simon lost her sense of smell after her head injury. In any case, she can’t smell anything, which makes this case extra confusing to her.

Simon falls asleep at her desk watching Perfume: The Story of Murderer (one of my favorite movies and an enriching supplemental viewing experience). The movie inspires a thought that the group was trying to get the dog’s puppies to follow them around by making a perfume that smelled like their mother.

When Simon talks to Merten’s mother she tells of a girl she took in right after his disappearance, a child to help her cope with her loss.

Grünberg takes her to an ultrasound appointment. She has to go through a number of steps before she can have an abortion, one of which being an ultrasound to hear the fetus’s heartbeat. Simon says she’s not a person who should raise a child on her own.

The implication is that she wants to raise the child with him, but he’s pretty clueless. Simon was neglected as a child and raised in foster care after her injury.

She’s afraid of raising a child on her own because of how she was treated by her single mother. Grünberg makes a pregnancy counseling appointment for her, hurrying the abortion process along.

Desperate after being rejected by Grünberg again, Simon calls his wife and tells her that she’s been having an affair with him and that she’s pregnant. When his wife confronts him, he confronts Simon and tells her that their relationship is over. She clings to him desperately, but he pushes her away and drives off, leaving her in tears.

Toothless is arrested and tells the story about his disappearance in school. They were playing Grenouille – the protagonist from Perfume – and Toothless spent five days cleansing his senses in a darkened well.

When Merten disappeared, they made him play Grenouille as punishment for spying on them. Toothless claims all they did was leave him alone, but that maybe that caused his death.

A story about Butsche’s past as a sexual abuse victim is published in the paper after Roman leaks the news. That time Butsche performed oral sex on Katharina he made a comment about it really getting his mother going.

He plays it off as a joke, but Katharina is sympathetic and asks him to tell her everything. When the school threatens to expel him after assaulting Roman, Butsche begs not to be sent home, detailing the abuse at the hands of his mother. The principal calls him a disgusting liar and expels him anyway.

Butsche rapes Elena in revenge against Roman as if he was hurting anyone but her. When she comes home her father catches her sneaking in and she begins crying.

Elena gets pregnant and asks Roman for help. Roman, knowing it isn’t his, is petty and spiteful, telling her to take care of it herself. She tries, painfully and badly, and almost bleeds to death at the dinner table. Instead of doing anything to help, her father sees the blood and simply walks out of the room.

Because of his neglect, Elena might end up in foster care. Toothless comes to see her in the hospital and she asks for his help. He says that what they did with the dogs works the other way around too and that he’ll help her.

Simon has an idea about who killed Merten after reading Elena’s diary. It says that everything would be fine if only she had a mother, then she wouldn’t be put in a home.

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Toothless and Elena killed Merten while he was in the well and had Dr. Vries make them a perfume that Elena could wear to attract his mother. Elena was the girl Merten’s mother took in after his disappearance, saving Elena from going to a home.