DC Universe’s Titans – Ranking the season 1 episodes

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Titans — Ep. 104 — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Episode 3: Origins

Starfire being a badass is the only thing that saved this episode from being lower on our list. This episode is all about Robin’s origins with viewers getting a series of flashbacks to Dick’s early recruitment into the Bat-family. But young Dick’s rebellious nature and his need for finding the truth about his parents’ murder is executed in such a slap-dash manner that it is practically a joke.

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Tomaso Sanelli’s portrayal of young Dick is sadly monotone and has none of the charisma that is called for in Robin. The episode is massively hampered by the fact that Bruce Wayne/ Batman can’t appear on Titans. The scenes young Dick should have shared with Bruce end up with being shared with a counselor who adds little to the story.

Episode 4: Doom Patrol

It’s never easy setting up another show when you only have 11 episodes to play within a season but ‘Doom Patrol’ was surprisingly well done. Unlike “Hawk and Dove”, which failed to give the new characters much personality, in this episode we get a distinct sense of the Doom Patrol team – Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) – and finally learn more about Gar Logan, who had been given short shrift till episode four. The fact that the DC Universe was able to pay homage to Gar’s comic book origins as a Doom Patrol member shows excellent forethought by the showrunners.

There are still some tropes that could have been avoided in this episode, some of which are glaringly obvious, this episode got us surprisingly excited for the Doom Patrol spin-off.