DC Universe’s Titans – Ranking the season 1 episodes

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Titans — Ep. 106 — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Episode 7: Asylum

This was an exciting, and disturbing, episode but it has definitely made its mark on the series. “Asylum” gives viewers some much-needed answers about the direction of the show, and manages to pack in more characterization in one hour than it did in most previous episodes.

Not only does Rachel get to save the day on her own and find her long-lost mom, but we dive into Dick Grayson’s psyche and see his deepest, darkest fear. Poor Gar and Kory have a terrible time but this is the kind of darkness we expected from Titans – heroes being put through the wringer to come out on the other end stronger and wiser. What sells this episode is watching the team come together to help each other.

Episode 6: Jason Todd

We had to wait six long episodes for Jason Todd to appear but it was worth the wait. Curran Walters’ Robin 2.0 is a wiseass with amazing fighting skills. He idolizes Dick and loves his ‘dope gig’ as Robin more than Dick ever did. The banter between the two Robins is hilarious and fun, making this one of the rare times in this season where viewers had reason to smile.

The episode gives us a good look at the darkness driving both Dick and Jason and has an important message about actions having consequences. While the writers do heighten Dick and Jason’s comic book origins and personalities for the show’s darker tone, the episode still provides a valid character study of the two Robins. Plus, those fight scenes are to die for!