DC Universe’s Titans – Ranking the season 1 episodes

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Titans — Ep. 111 — “Dick Grayson” — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohordis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Episode 11: Dick Grayson

The season one finale was a doozy. It starts off all bright and sunny (literally) and proceeds to descend into horrifying darkness that will change the fate of the Titans forever. If you love alternate reality stories, this one is for you, and even if you don’t, there’s no denying that this episode quite brilliantly encapsulates the mammoth task Dick was set all those years ago when he was first brought into Wayne Mansion.

The finale is surprisingly light on action but expands the universe of Titans even more than previous episodes – we actually get to see the Joker, and Batman, not to mention one other character who is revealed in the post-credits scene. Does the episode does Dick Grayson from the comics justice? Not quite, but it brings the Dick of Titans to his final conclusion. We cannot wait for the next season!

Episode 5: Together

We finally get to see the Titans together in this episode and it is amazing! The Titans practicing their abilities in an abandoned barn is a fun scene, particularly everyone’s reaction to Gar having to get naked to demonstrate his powers. We were already in love with Kory, but this episode makes us love her so much more.

We also get to see how the Nuclear Family are made and what it is that drives them to keep fighting. The fight scenes in this episode are the best of the whole season – raw, energetic, impactful, without being brutal. This is the superhero team, and the Robin, we had been promised. Oh, and that final scene with Robin 2.0 rescuing Dick – now, that’s what we call an introduction.