DC Universe’s Titans – Ranking the season 1 episodes

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Titans — Ep. 109 — “Hank and Dawn” — Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  All Rights Reserved

Episode 9: Hank and Dawn

After the fiasco that was “Hawk and Dove”, we groaned at having to spend another episode dedicated to these two; but holy characterization, Batman! Were we ever wrong?

The frenetic action and plot-development of the previous episodes give way to a completely different mood giving viewers the origin stories for Hawk and Dove that episode two should have. This is a beautiful, heart-breaking, deeply realistic episode that sets up the two characters’ lives as superheroes. It is a painful study of love, loss and the impact of abuse on people’s lives.

The writers also subvert expectations by giving us two women who rally together despite their opposing reactions to domestic violence, while it is a male character who copes with childhood sexual abuse. All the horror is implied, making this an intelligent and sensitive entry in the show. This is what Titans was supposed to be about.


Over the last decade, our television screens have become havens for fandoms. Where once cinematic comic book adaptations were a rarity, we currently see a proliferation of superhero fare on the big and small screens. Dedicated streaming platforms like Netflix, and now DC Universe, have helped reach viewers and paved the way for fan-favorite heroes to lead their own franchises, leaving the big screen to their more well-known counterparts. For comics readers who have waited decades to see characters such as Starfire, Raven and Wonder Girl in live-action, Titans is the kind of show that they have been waiting for.

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Despite a patchy start, Titans gained momentum four episodes in, delivering stories that were action-packed and powerful. We cannot wait to see what is in store for this universe when the second season comes around.

International audiences will be able to catch Titans on Netflix from January 11, 2019.