GLOW’s David McClane talks real life compared to the Netflix show


When bringing a real-life story to the big or small screen, there are concessions made and that includes the hit Netflix series GLOW.

Based on the wrestling promotion that existed in the ’80s and introduced people to women’s wrestling on a national level, GLOW has won a ton of awards and earned high critical acclaim.

David McClane, the man who founded GLOW talked with Wrestling Inc about the Netflix series and how close it is to reality.

According to McClane, who also created the World Roller Hockey League and got back into women’s wrestling in 2000 when he created WOW!-Women of Wrestling, the biggest thing to take from GLOW is the sense of camaraderie.

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He said that the struggles that the performers went through were real and that the biggest thing that the Netflix series gets right is to show them fighting to get on TV and developing the camaraderie to fight to succeed.

However, there are other areas that GLOW embelleshed according to McClane, who was an inspiration for the character of Sebastian “Bash” Howard (Chris Lowell) on the Netflix series.

The rampant drug use was there in the ’80s, McClane said. He mentioned that you could go into a Miami Beach nightclub and find cocaine everywhere. However, he said that he did not partake of the drugs himself.

"“My fun vice was maybe a six-pack of beer, maybe a glass of wine. That was it.”"

McClane also said that his director back in the day also did not do drugs and his only vice was a good cigar.

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He also said that the drug-dispensing robot from GLOW was not anywhere to be found in the ’80s. McClane even asked if there were any robots at all in the ’80s, saying he has still never seen one in person to this day.

GLOW has been renewed for a third season and will return to Netflix sometime in 2019.