Netflix’s Selection Day season 1, episode 3 recap


Radha and Manju Kumar join a new school in the third episode of Netflix series, Selection Day.

But instead of this being an exciting new adventure, things take a turn for the worse for their relationship with their father.

Radha (Yash Dholye) and Manju Kumar (Mohammad Samad) enter their new school, Weinberg Academy, and are greeted warmly by the school principal Nellie Weinberg (Ratna Pathak Shah) in the third episode of Netflix’s Selection Day series.

When Nellie talks to the boys about their expectations of the school, Radha recites his cricket dreams in words that sound like they have been instilled in him by his father, Mohan Kumar (Rajesh Tailang). Manju is hesitant in his replies, echoing his brother at every turn.

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Nellie has appointed a big brother and sister for the two boys. Sophia is vivacious but doesn’t sugar coat the facts – she informs Manju that the tiny tots are terrors and the bathrooms are inhabitable. Javed is the star cricket player and team captain at the school and he’s terribly full of it.

He is condescending when he hears about Radha’s cricketing dreams, but Radha is not swayed. Both of them are opening batsmen, so the central rivalry of the series has now been established.

Since Mohan has had to leave his full-time job as a shop owner while he’s in Mumbai, he takes up a part-time job as a dog-sitter. At least the money’s good.

Javed (Karanvir Malhotra) is a quintessential high school bully, but he’s quickly put in his place by the school’s new cricket coach, who everyone refers to as Tommy Sir (Mahesh Manjrekar).

The coach gives the team a great motivational speech about trusting, respecting and supporting each other, but more importantly, in believing there can be more than one person who is the best. He pointedly says the latter part to Javed, but Javed doesn’t get the message.

Manju is mesmerized by the learning potential at his new school. He obviously loves science and is extremely attentive during classes. It isn’t long before he impresses Nellie with his excellent knowledge. Some of the girls have taken a liking to him as well, but instead of taking the opportunity to make friends, he is interrupted by Radha who drags him to cricket practice so they can best Javed.

Elsewhere, the school’s big threat, Anand Mehta (Akshay Oberoi), has come into some money thanks to his fiancée, Monica’s connections. So, why doesn’t he look happy about it?

Because he lied to her about getting the balance amount of $8 million from some investors in the first episode of the series. Now Monica is under the impression that Anand has all the money he needs to close the deal when in actuality, he isn’t even close.

The boys tell their father about Javed, but he brushes it off knowing his sons will continue to open the batting for the school team. As Mohan did in the first episode of Selection Day, he asks the boys for a report on their cricket scores of the day.

When Radha reveals that he didn’t bat that day because the coach made them practice their technique, Mohan is incensed. He takes the opportunity to try and find out more about this mysterious Tommy Sir.

Mohan meets one of Tommy’s previous proteges – Shenoy was once the best batsman of the season and Tommy was like a father to him. Shenoy played on Selection Day and nearly had a contract in his hand when a rich boy’s father bribed Tommy and the contract went to him. Tommy’s act was discovered but it was too late for Shenoy. Now he lives as a drunk in a slum.

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With this information reeling in his head, Mohan completely loses it when his sons continue to be effusive about their coach and his methods. Mohan tells the boys the truth about Tommy, but on hearing that this revelation doesn’t sway Manju, he kicks his son out of the house.