Netflix’s Selection Day season 1, episode 4 recap


Radha and Manju grow further apart in the latest episode of Netflix cricket series, Selection Day.

Meanwhile, Anand hopes to secure the money he needs to get his property venture off the ground.

Episode 4 of Selection Day starts off on an ominous note. Series villain Javed (Karanvir Malhotra) has brought his father to confront the school principal, Nellie Weinberg (Ratna Pathak Shah), about being bullied by the ‘new kids’ who have joined the school.

Nellie urges the culprit to own up at the school assembly, pointedly looking at Radha (Yash Dholye) and Manju (Mohammad Samad) while she says this. Manju confesses and though Nellie doesn’t believe him, she still doles out a “punishment.”

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No cricket for a week and he has to stay back in school after hours to clean the science lab. Manju is delighted because he hates cricket but loves science.

Anand Mehta (Akshay Oberoi) has been in a financial bind for a while. In this episode, he meets a shady dealer who decides to take a chance on him despite Anand’s terrible record of bad investments.

While Anand jumps at the chance to get the balance 8 million he needs, the deal come at the cost of 22% interest as well as the potential to lose his collateral.

Javed continues to taunt Radha during cricket practice, this time by flaunting his father’s wealth. Radha is unphased while Manju sits on the sidelines studying. Once again, his family deity Subramanya appears before Manju. For a series embedded in realism, these divine asides are a welcome change of tone.

Subramanya needs Manju’s help with time dilation – not sure what his deal is. All Manju wants to know is if his mother is okay. Before his conversation with Subramanya can proceed, Radha appears, angrily chastising his brother for taking the fall for bullying Javed.

Manju has no time for these trivialities. The night before their mother disappeared, the boys witnessed their father Mohan hitting her and kicking her out of the house. This is obviously a regular occurrence which they are inured too because Radha calmly asserts that their mother always returns home when she’s recovered.

Manju isn’t sure she will get better this time, but Radha doesn’t want to hear it. He walks away, leaving his brother distraught.

Anand arrives at the school, brandishing the newly acquired $10 million that he is willing to pay Nellie for purchasing her school. She makes it obvious she can’t tolerate him.

At this point, Mohan appears asking about the corruption case against the school cricket coach, Tommy Sir (Mahesh Manjrekar). Nellie, however, doesn’t want to talk about the slanderous rumors that were spread about her friend.

When Mohan sees Radha get stumped at the crease, he confronts Tommy about his methods, even pushing him to the ground. Manju and Radha are quick to help their coach up. Tommy doesn’t react to Mohan’s aggression instead asking the boys to return to practice.

While Manju is cleaning the lab, Javed hangs about annoying him. What is he even doing here? Shouldn’t he be at practice or at home? Doesn’t this guy have a life? Apparently, bullying the less fortunate is more entertaining to him. While quarreling with each other, the two boys see one of the classrooms on fire.

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This school is the best in India, apparently, but it is definitely falling to pieces. Javed tries to sound the alarm, but when it doesn’t work, he runs in with a fire extinguisher. Manju calls for help, but on seeing that no one is there, he bangs on the fire alarm until it rings and then follows Javed into the room.

After some frantic searching, Manju locates Javed and carries him out, thereby saving his life. Manju gets nary a thanks for his efforts though; instead, Javed hops into his car and leaves.