15 Best Netflix original series of 2018: A Year in Review

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The best Netflix original series of 2018 – The Haunting of Hill House / Image by Netflix

Netflix has been putting out some of the best original series for a while now.

Without being held back by network standards, they are able to stretch the boundaries and release stories that take chances. As a result, these are some of the best shows to both entertain and challenge viewers.

It also helps that Netflix has set up deals all over the world, so fans in the United States can enjoy Netflix original series from Germany, Australia, Spain, France, Brazil, and just about anywhere else that exciting filmmakers are telling their stories.

2018 was no different, as there were dozens and dozens of Netflix original series released throughout the year. With so many to choose, from people might wonder where to start if they are just catching on to the brilliance that is Netflix television.

While this is nowhere near a definitive list, here is a look at 15 of the best Netflix original series of 2018 to help you get started binge watching some of the best stories on television.

15. The Rain

The Rain is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic series from Denmark that premiered on May 30 as a Netflix original series.

The show tells the story of a world ravaged when a virus is carried through rainfall and kills almost everyone in the world. A father takes his two children (Simone and Rasmus) into a bunker for their safety.

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When their dad leaves, the siblings leave the bunker after six years to find him and instead find a group of survivors with weapons and a world that has turned upside down.

The kids then have to survive a very harsh world where the surviving humans are almost as deadly as the toxic rains. Going through Sweden and Denmark, the siblings search for their dad, who might have the cure the world is looking for.

Netflix renewed The Rain for a second season.