76th Golden Globes: Why Killing Eve should win best drama


The Golden Globes are this Sunday but we’re already rooting for Killing Eve to win.

This year’s Golden Globes is chock full of popular shows in every category. However, we want to focus on one of the biggest awards of the night: Best Drama Television Series. While a lot of great series are nominated this year, we’re rooting for one of 2018’s best showsKilling Eve.

It won’t be an easy path for BBC America’s new series to take home the coveted award. Notoriously it has been hard for BBC America to break into the award circuit which has typically been dominated by streaming services, HBO, and FX. Their critically beloved show, Orphan Black, was only able to score a nomination once at the Golden Globes for Tatiana Maslany’s incredible performance.

However, if the winner for Best Drama is truly going to the show that received the most critical acclaim, it would be going to Killing Eve. Sandra Oh (who’s nominated for Best Actress) and Jodie Comer (who has been shockingly overlooked on the awards circuit) led a captivating cat-and-mouse television series which led to fans begging for more. Their chemistry and acting were addicting from the get-go which is why it came as no surprise when it received a renewal almost immediately.

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Looking at the other nominees, Killing Eve isn’t as buzzy as Amazon’s Homecoming or Netflix’s Bodyguard. With Julia Roberts at the lead, many see this category as a shoo-in for Amazon. Awards show tend to love movie actresses who take on a television role. Netflix’s strength on the award circuit could also keep them in the running, with many reports constantly affirming the streaming service’s expensive push to get their shows nominated.

Yet, Killing Eve‘s strength is its consistent writing, pacing, acting, and directing throughout the entire series. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was nominated for her writing at the Emmy’s and her scripts effortlessly infuse a bit of comedy into nail-biting and tense situations.

Let’s not forget, the series’ ratings increase. In the first time for over a decade, Killing Eve saw a big rise in ratings from week to week. Typically, shows premiere high and then slowly fall over time. However, the show managed to have an 86% increase by its finale. Not bad for a series on a smaller network with almost no marketing compared to some of the other series in the category.

However, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ultimately gets to decide who wins what in the Golden Globes. Luckily, Killing Eve was a hit among members of the press in 2018. Time and The Guardian placed it as their number one pick for Best Television Show in 2018. It took second place on both Paste Magainzes and Vanity Fair‘s list for best shows and fourth for both IndieWire and Mashable. Even The New York Times included Killing Eve on their list the best shows from 2018 while TV Guide had both Comer and Oh as their second favorite performance of last year.

It’s rare for a show to have us both rooting for a murderous character to escape and get caught. Jodie Comer absolutely kills it as Villanelle, adding a layer of complexity to an antagonist who could easily have just been a campy joke. Meanwhile, Sandra Oh proves exactly why she deserves to lead her own show throughout the first season of Killing Eve. It’s fascinating to see how Eve desires to catch Villanelle because she’s a criminal and out of sheer admiration for such an intelligent woman.

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When the Golden Globes air this Sunday, we’ll be hoping the HFPA decides to give this award to   Killing Eve. How much more does it have to do to prove its the best? Dominating in every aspect of television should cement its win this weekend.

Who do you want to see win Best TV Drama at the Golden Globes? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!