A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3, episode 2 recap: The Slippery Slope: Part Two


A Series of Unfortunate Events ends the slippery slope chapter with even more questions–and an intriguing mystery.

A Series of Unfortunate Events has some of the most “out there” storylines. Sometimes it works for them, sometimes it doesn’t.

The third season seems to be hitting the target every time, especially with the conclusion of the slippery slope story. And just so you know the title is metaphorical and literal, because that’s just how they do.

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So, we learned Quigley Quagmire is alive and did not perish in a fire like his parents. When the fire broke out, his mom had sent him into a tunnel which led him to Uncle Monty’s house.

From there he went to all the locations the Baudelaires had once been, but just now ran into them.

He’s delighted to know his siblings are alive and well–in the self-sustaining airmobile. I think I need one of those, they are pretty darn legit. Also, sensing some sparks between Violet and Quigley. Dare I say, a possible ship?

It turns out one can have a moment of empathy for Count Olaf from time to time. But it doesn’t last very long because he ends up doing something to make you regret it. His goal is to impress his mentors because they clearly think he’s a failure, and nothing he’s done is grand enough.

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Matters get worst for him when he unknowingly hands Sunny a weird, green cigarette emitting green smoke. He intends to have her use it to create a fire. But what he doesn’t know is that it is a way to send out a signal to VFD agents. Sunny knew this all along of course and is hoping it catches someone’s attention. Maybe her siblings or maybe the VFD agent they were all talking about earlier.

Upon seeing the smoke, Violet makes the presumption it could be Sunny and begins inventing a way up the slippery slope on the side of the mountain. Hair tie goes on, and her inventing begins. She creates crampons and a hook so they can climb up the icy surface. Quigley joins her while Klaus stays back to see what he can find in the burnt rubble at the headquarters.

Olaf’s mentors are disappointed in him when they realize the green smoke is burning. And it only gets worse when they berate him for going after the Baudelaire fortune. They want him to think bigger like they supposedly taught him. As they bicker over fortunes and such, Quigley and Violet make it to the top.

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There’s just one teensy problem, though. Sunny doesn’t want to go just yet because she wants to spy on Olaf and his goons. She’s quite the clever little baby, and apparently Violet thinks so too because she leaves her behind. Klaus, on the other hand, is a bit annoyed that his baby sister is still up there. But honestly, she can handle herself just fine.

While they were gone, Klaus discovered a code known as “Verbal Fridge Dialogue”. In emergency situations when a message can’t be sent, items from the fridge are used instead. Solving the code leads them to the phrase, “last safe place”. Hmm, but where is it? No idea.

Count Olaf spots a glimmer at the headquarters and suspects that someone may be down there. Esme volunteers to go, because she’s a show-off and trying to make a good impression on Olaf’s mentors. But when she skis down the slope, she gets trapped in a very deep hot tub.

However, Esme becomes their bargaining chip to get Sunny back. And while they made their way back up the mountain, Olaf was trying to convince his troupe to throw Sunny off the mountain. Ugh, he’s the worst! It seems like this was the limit for his troupe, and they all quit except for Fernald.

He’s not exactly on Olaf’s side but doing a damn good job at convincing him he is. In fact, he pretends to throw Sunny off the mountain, but don’t worry, she’s alright.

And as A Series of Unfortunate Events often does, all the characters end up coming together for part 2 of the story. Quigley, Violet, and Klaus make it up the mountain with Esme, who escapes anyway.

They lose their bargaining chip and are momentarily frightened to learn that Sunny was thrown off the mountain. But cute, adorable Sunny popped out from behind the car to let them know she’s okay.

While they all manage to get away, there are some awful things in the works. First off, the Snow Scouts showed up, everyone but Carmelita was swooped away by birds,  and Esme took a liking to Carmelita. That is quite possibly the most horrifying combo ever. I’m not sure how this pairing is going to work out, but jeez, it’s going to be awful.

During their escape off the mountain, they lose Quigley when he gets stuck on a tree branch. Our hearts break for Violet who definitely developed a thing for him.

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But he promises to meet her at the Last Safe Place, wherever that may be. And also in the classic A Series of Unfortunate Events fashion, the Baudelaires end up escaping but have another conundrum on their hands. They’re stuck in the middle of cracking ice, and a submarine?

Oh, and Olaf’s mentors have lit fires all over the city. Because you know, more fires, more orphans, more fortunes. That’s what they had hoped for Olaf to do. Yikes, they are the worst.