Comedians of the World episode 2 recap: USA Chris D’Elia


Netflix released Comedians of the World on New Year’s Day. It’s a collection of 47 half-hour comedy specials from comedians from around the world. Episode two features a set from Chris D’Elia.

A quick recap of the show premise: Comedians of the World is a sampler and reference guide for stand-up comedy on a global level. There are four comedians from eight different regions around the world. At least one of the four comics from each region identifies as female.

Not all of the half-hour sets are traditionally staged as we think of it. There are episodes in languages other than English, which allows us to hear those comedians perform in their native language. There are sets in Spanish, Portuguese, and German just to name a few.

No agendas are being forced on viewers. We’re just getting the opportunity to see stand-up comedy from around the world from the comfort of our own devices.

Chris D’Elia

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Episode two of Comedians of the World  (USA) features a set from Chris D’Elia. He became widely known to American audiences in 2011 when he co-starred with Whitney Cummings in her self-titled NBC sitcom Whitney.

He also co-starred with Ron Funches in NBC’s Undateable, which featured many live, prime-time episodes. D’Elia currently co-stars with Edgar Blackmon on Freeform’s Alone Together.

You can also catch D’Elia on his podcast Congratulations with Chris D’Elia and on his current Follow the Leader stand-up tour.

Where have all the Kangaroos Gone?

As with Neal Brennan’s set, this could easily have closed a night of comedy. Chris D’Elia is in complete control of the audience as soon as he walks out on stage. There’s an issue with the microphone that he straight up acknowledges on the way to doing some light crowd work.

Once he has the audience going, D’Elia starts talking about his three week trip to Australia. This could easily be throw away xenophobic material, but it’s not. D’Elia does pretty spot-on accents and answers questions you might have if you were planning a trip to Australia. He’s the travel agent we all deserve.

He mixes in a quick takedown of people who are constantly recommending their favorite TED Talks and closes out with a legit explanation of when phone etiquette isn’t required.

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Overall, this half hour will make you laugh. It always helps when the comedian looks like they’re having a good time. Chris D’Elia looked like he was having a blast. Next up: the great Nicole Byer.

Are you streaming Comedians of the World? Who’s your favorite comedian so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!