Rick and Morty releases addictive new season 4 promo


Adult Swim has released a new season four promo for Rick and Morty and it will invade your brain.

The promo, created by artist Gary Ye, is short but is filled with wild details and easter-eggs set to a jam-able techno beat and a weirdly subliminal chant of whispered “Ricks and “Mortys.”

Even now I find myself nodding my head in time to the silence with the names Rick and Morty floating around my skull. It’s all so delightful and maddening.

The graphics are great too, and the concept wildly creative. The video shows stylized Ricks and Mortys in various sci-fi landscapes, at odds with each other, each time with Rick as the aggressor and Morty on the defense.

Rickzilla does battle with a Mothry, Shark-Rick gobbles up a Mortyfish, Hippo-Rick crushes a Mortypecker in his mouth, a Mortellite dodges a flaming Aster-Rick, and the doomed planet Morty attempts to escape the gravitation pull of a Rick Hole.

But then Morty gains the upper hand — literally — as an up-turned palm reaches out to crush the scene in a strong fist and pulls back to reveal none other than Evil Morty!

Chills. I literally have chills. What does it all mean? Does Evil Morty have the multiverse in the palm of his hand? Is he out to crush all the Ricks and Mortys?

Okay, I’m probably reading too much into the Evil Morty hand symbolism, especially for a 15-second promo, but man what a reveal! If I wasn’t already excited for season four, I definitely would be now.

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And what this promo does reveal, more than anything, is that whatever else Roiland and Harmon have planned for the next 70 episodes, it will not lack creativity or the charming chaos that accounts for so much of the show’s popularity.

Source: Collider