Game of Thrones: Oddsmakers set betting odds on different outcomes for the final season

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No matter how the war finishes, there will be a Ruler of Westeros at the end of the series.

As it stands now, there are four sides fighting for rule over all kingdoms. Jon Snow (+175), Daenerys Targaryen (+250) and Cersei Lannister (+1600) are facing a threat from The Night King (+900). Cersei has shown a lack of taste for the first stages of the battle and may abandon the other two groups of living beings.

Her plan to face the winner of the first stage of the battle is flawed. Either the winner will be the Night King, with lots of dead reinforcements, or a group led by living beings outraged at the betrayal. If Daenerys is left standing, she has dragons and a battle-tested group to use against the Lannisters. If Jon Snow has won the crown, he will have plenty of allies as well. Cersei has likely already bargained away any chance of ruling the kingdom and is a terrible bet.

Jon Snow has been shown to have a legitimate claim to the crown. He is the true Targaryen king, as has been revealed. Only his death give Daenerys a claim worth acknowledging now. Brandon Stark (+250) could be the last one standing and is the closest to a rightful heir if everyone else is sacrificed.

Arya Stark (+900), Sansa Stark (+1300) and Tyrion Lannister (+1000) all have last name lineage linking them to a shot at the crown. Sitting on the Throne will take guile or some tragic coincidences. Tyrion has benefitted from both where all others would have been resigned to gloom and doom. Jaime Lannister (+2500) has the name but is disconnected from everyone.

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Gendry (+2500), Euron Greyjoy (+2500) and Varys (+7500) are all betting options, but most fans have sobered up since the New Years’ celebrations. Only the most faithful and devoted fans will debate laying money on this group to win the Game of Thrones.