Netflix teases upcoming animated anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller


Netflix has announced a new animated anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller.

David Fincher (Mindhunter) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) are collaborating on a new animated series that takes the “anthology” classification to a totally different level.

Love, Death & Robots will not only be a series of stand-alone stories related by theme, but they will all have different animation styles, different genres, different nationalities, and even different lengths.

Everything from science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and horror will be represented by a truly global team of artists.

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The 18 animated shorts will be aimed toward adults and intend to push the boundaries of animation as we traditionally know it.

Not only will it open up the possibilities of animation as a mature artistic medium, but each short is an opportunity to have an experience with a foreign culture.

Tim Miller said in a press release that Love, Death & Robots is his dream project, saying it combines a love of animation and amazing stories.

"“Midnight movies, comics, books and magazines of fantastic fiction have inspired me for decades, but they were relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part.”"

He admitted that he is excited to see the creative landscape has changed enough for this kind of adult-themed animation to become part of the cultural conversation.

I, for one, am totally intrigued by this ambitious and daring project. Pretty much every aspect of this series is wonderfully eclectic, from the variety of genres to the different animation formats and especially the collection of international voices and experiences being shared with the audience.

Everything about this project seems to take joy in every aspect of its diversity, and that’s a project that I support completely. I once attended an animation festival that featured shorts from all over the world and it was one of the most memorable and enriching experiences I’ve ever had, artistic or cultural.

I think this is a wonderful way to give international artists a voice and to open up other cultures and artistic possibilities to all viewers.

Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date, but given the collection of stills available, it might not be far off.

Source: Collider