Secret Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings you may not have seen yet


Did you know about the secret Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings?

Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings are all the hype right now, especially since the feature dropped on Dec. 28th. Fans have become obsessed with unlocking what feels like limitless options to the story. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to try it out yet, I advise you go check it out STAT! The choose-your-adventure has taken over many of our lives and still continue to given there are secret endings and Easter eggs many have not even seen yet.

There has been a lot of talk about how many endings there are, and we have compared and contrasted with our family and friends over similarities. Just so you know, once you’ve reached the completion of the story path you’ve taken, the end credits appear and it properly ends. No more options will be given to you, and basically, you’ll start from scratch.

According to an article on TheWrap, you will see above happen with at least two of the five known endings. However, if you were to “crack the code”, you would see a secret ending (if only I could pull that off). What’s even more puzzling is that no one really knows how to access it. People have actually just happened to accidentally come across it, but how it happens, no knows.

TheWrap has graciously listed out the choices they made to come across the secret ending, and we’ll go ahead and put it here just as it’s listed in their article. Thanks, TheWrap! So what exactly can you expect from these secret Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings?

Well, it seems that you’ll see Stefan’s character on the bus that he originally took to Tuckersoft but this time around we don’t pick a music choice for him. Instead, he takes out a completed tape of his Bandersnatch game. While he’s listening to the tape, you’ll hear some weird sounds–and then just like that, the scene is over. Want to hear what it sounds like? Check it out here by clicking here!

Okay, so you have the weird sounds but what does it all really mean? As is often the case, there are some extremely sharp and intelligent humans out there that got to the bottom of the mystery. It’s complicated and mindblowing, but they’ve cracked the code of one of the Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings for us.

Basically, the sound translates into data. But where it gets really tricky is that the tape is meant to be used for a ZX Spectrum computer, the same type of computer that Stefan was trying to create the game on. Now, most of us don’t have this particular computer handy but there is a ZX Spectrum emulator we can download. By running the audio through the emulator, it gives you a QR code.

Take a peek at the code below, taken straight from the article written on TheWrap.

Credit: Netflix/Black Mirror/The Wrap

If you want to see what the animation looks like from the emulator, you can do so by clicking here!

Okay, so now you have this obscure QR code–now, what? Once the code is scanned, it will take you to what was a hidden page on the official Tuckersoft website. There’s not much going on in the site, but this particular page is of interest to us. Once you arrive at the page, you’ll see a number of different game covers which we didn’t get to see in the film. They include: “Nohzdyve” and “Metl Hedd”–these names sound familiar? Of course, they do! They’re old Black Mirror episodes!

So, again what’s the big deal, you ask? If you click on the “Nohzdyve” page, you can actually download and play the game (you’ll need to download the emulator in order to do this). TheWrap informs us that it’s not too hard to download this emulator, and they suggested the following:

"“We used the Spectacol Android app to load up the game on a Google Pixelbook.”"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Black Mirror will forever have our hearts. How freaking cool is all of this?! Sigh, we gotta love these Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings right?

If you’re curious how TheWrap eventually accessed the secret scene at the end, their generous hearts provided all the decisions they made to get to it. No one knows why these particular choices lead to the end result, but if you’re interested, here is how TheWrap achieved it.

Sugar puffs
Thompson twins
Go back
The Bermuda Triangle
Shout at Dad
Visit Dr. Haynes
Pull Earlobe
Take them
Follow Colin
Go back
Flush them
Hit desk
Pick up book
Throw tea over computer
Who’s there?
Try to explain
Tell him more
F*** yeah
Fight her
Kick him in the balls
Who’s there?
White Bear symbol
Back off
Kill dad
Bury body
He jumped
Chop or bury?
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Pick up photo
White Bear symbol
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Get rabbit from dad
White Bear symbol
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Get rabbit from dad

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Let us know if this worked for you (we’re definitely going to try it!) and as you do, prepare yourself for one of the Black Mirror Bandersnatch endings–could there be more? We sure hope so!