Homecoming: Julia Roberts will not return for season 2


Looks like Julia Roberts is out for the second season of Homecoming.

Homecoming received quite the critical acclaim after premiering its first season receiving both Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominations. The series was picked up for two seasons and with the first season behind us, we’re curious to know about the next. While we don’t know much as of yet, it is certain that Julia Roberts will not be returning.

Her contract was only for one year and the season one plot was designed to complement her character’s exit. So, what will season 2 look like and who will it star? The first season was heavily based on the podcast by Gimlet Media, but the second season will be a bit different. And as far as the cast goes, there have been no official confirmations yet.

According to Deadline, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James, Hong Chau, and Shea Whigham are all likely to return (or so we hope!). However, we can expect new faces and new characters for season 2–and we can’t wait to find out who they will be!

Roberts will stay on as an executive producer alongside Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail. She’s been recognized for her role on Homecoming and received both Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards nominations. And this does not come as a surprise considering the marvelous job she did playing Heidi Bergman.

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The first season of Homecoming follows Roberts’ character Heidi as it goes back and forth between the past and present. Her character works as a counselor at a transitional facility for veterans returning from war. But there is something off and shady about the facility, and as the season progresses you are pulled into the mystery of it all.

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