Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4, episode 7 recap: Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!


Netflix has finally released the second part of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s fourth and final season and we pick up more or less where we left off after Kimmy found a fan of her book about the way boys should treat girls and kept on writing.

Episode 7 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Kimmy Fights a Fire Monster!,” opens with a new introduction with a smooth jazz theme song. It’s for the show Magic Boy, starring Titus and a bunch of not-Tituses (otherwise known as Kimmy, Lillian, and Jacqueline). Magic Boy was also created by Titus and is filmed in front of a live rat.

As the show opens, Titus is fixing himself a coffee at a car wash when he notices another man (guest star Jon Bernthal) checking him out. He tries to act alluring when a car wash worker comes over and angrily tells Titus to leave. He can’t just keep coming for the free coffee — not when he doesn’t have a car. Titus tries to play it off in front of the guy by pretending his nonexistent Mazda is clean and sauntering off.

Meanwhile, Kimmy has infiltrated the children’s section of a book store where she’s slipped a copy of her book onto one of the shelves. As she tries to make her get away, she notices Donna Maria, one of her fellow mole women, is there in support of her book, Tune Out the White Noise.

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Kimmy waits in the autograph line to see her old bunker-mate but Donna Maria seems less than thrilled that Kimmy’s there. Kimmy wants to catch up but Donna Maria says she’s leaving that evening, until her assistant, Tomothy, helpfully mentions she has lunch free.

Elsewhere Jacqueline is walking down the street when a man tries to get her attention. She ignores him until he tells her she’s a very beautiful woman. She walks over and introduces herself and the man, Matt, asks her out. She gets his number and walks away, spearing her high heel through a discarded box of chicken bones in the process.

Back at Kimmy and Titus’ apartment, Titus arrives to report to Kimmy and Lillian that he’s officially a celebrity. He had played a doorman on one episode of Daredevil, so it must be true. He goes on to tell the pair about the beefcake that recognized him at his coffee place a.k.a. the car wash.

Jacqueline comes in and tells Titus that Marvel Studios is suing him for the return of their doorman costume. Titus is aghast, he needs the epaulets in case Prince Harry invites him and Kimmy to his castle.

Jacqueline shares her good news: she was hit on by a millennial. Lillian provides insight into what happened. With #MeToo and Time’s Up, millennial men don’t know what’s OK to say to girls their age. But there’s no drama like that with older women — they “know how to take a compliment.” Jacqueline is intrigued as this means there are more Matts out there.

To prove her point, Lillian drags Jacqueline to a home store. According to Lillian, it’s where the scene is now. These millennial guys are confused. They spent 25 years being trained to be one way and now they’re being told it’s wrong — they’re in “pervatory.” A young man comes up to them and hits on them. It’s gross but Jacqueline comments that even though she knows she should be insulted, she’s heard much worse.

Later, Kimmy and Titus have gone to a convenience store where Kimmy’s dropped her book off on the comic book rack. Kimmy’s ready to leave but Titus wants to stay to make sure the paparazzi can get a picture of him doing normal stuff. And there is actually someone down the aisle taking his photo. It’s the guy from the car wash.

Titus doesn’t know what to do so Kimmy encourages him to go talk to the guy. Titus boldly introduces himself and the man, Ilan, is shy but excited. He asks Titus to lunch.

As they walk along, Titus tells Ilan all his stories about the crazy things he did before he was famous. Ilan digs for more dirt but Titus cuts him off when he tries to asks about sexual skeletons in Titus’ closet. As Titus retires to his apartment, the man calls someone to inform them that he’s made contact with the target and has already gotten a DNA sample.

At lunch with Donna Maria, Kimmy discovers the restaurant they’re dining at hers. In fact, Donna Maria’s in New York all the time but never calls Kimmy. Kimmy’s hurt, she thought they were friends.

Donna Maria lays it out for her. She’s a 50-year-old business woman and they have nothing in common. In other words, they’re not really friends. Kimmy can’t believe what she’s hearing. They went through some serious stuff together. Donna Maria doesn’t want to relive it though. Suddenly Tomothy calls her away with an emergency, and an angry Kimmy is left to eat by herself.

Later she arrives home to indignantly share what Donna Maria said with Titus. But Titus points out that Kimmy never reached out to Donna Maria until she became successful. Kimmy shoots back that Donna Maria never called her, but Titus points out that Kimmy never made an effort either — and he’s “an expert in lack of effort.”

He then compares Kimmy’s interest in Donna Maria to Ilan’s interest in him. He believes Ilan isn’t really interested in him, just his celebrity exterior. Kimmy insists she cared about Donna Maria before she became successful and takes off to try to prove it.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline goes to meet Matt at the home store with Lillian and Mimi Kanassis in tow. Jacqueline points out Matt to Lillian and Mimi, who’s in line buying her some bric-a-brac. Mimi whistles at him and when he turns around she realizes to everyone’s horror that Matt’s her son.

This leads Jacqueline to the shocking revelation that all the young men are someone’s sons. That’s why women don’t date significantly younger men. So how can men do it? The twenty-something man from earlier is there to explain: Men are gross.

Meanwhile, Titus has met Ilan at a restaurant. After they get settled, Ilan again starts asking Titus about his celebrity connections. Titus stops him to caution that he could have any man in the world but that man has to care about more than Titus’ fame.

Ilan cracks. He can’t take it anymore. He explains he was once captured by Hezbollah, they got him addicted to opium and made him beat his best friend to death. He broke both his legs while jumping out a window trying to escape. Then while in withdrawal, he dragged himself and his best friend’s body 50 kilometers to safety. That he got through, but he’s not sure he can survive Titus.

Titus tries to interject something about fame, but Ilan stops him. He’s not a fan of Titus’, especially since there isn’t much to be a fan of. He used to be Israeli Special Forces but now he works for a security company that was hired by a children’s television show to dig up dirt on Titus.

The truth about Mr. Frumpus is about to come out so the company is working to gather damaging information on anyone who might make accusations against him, including Titus who auditioned for the skeevy puppeteer. But what could they do to make Titus’ life any worse?

Titus has broken Ilan. He warns Titus if he goes after Mr. Frumpus his life will become a living hell. Then he takes off his wire, quits, and walks out. A wrecked Titus shouts after him that Titus broke up with Ilan.

At the same time, Kimmy has gone to see Donna Maria at her restaurant. Kimmy peppers her with less than flattering remembrances from the bunker and Donna Maria pulls her into a private party room to talk more. They’re confronted with a man in an Elmo costume holding a cake with a sparkler on top. It’s reminiscent of the fire monster the Reverend impersonated in the bunker that they fought together. Running on pure instinct, they work together to take down Elmo to the astonishment of the kids and parents at the party taking place there.

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Donna Maria explains that she does stuff like that all the time. Kimmy says she does too. Donna Maria acknowledges that it’s nice to talk to someone who understands what she went through and doesn’t judge her for it. She agrees to call Kimmy next time she’s in New York.

If you need a refresher on what happened in part 1 of season 4, check out our recaps. And you can stream the second half of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s fourth season on Netflix.