Deadly Class season 1, episode 3 recap: Snake Pit


It’s Legacy Week on Deadly Class!

While Legacy Week sounds like it would revolve some kind of alumni event, it actually turns out to be a giant hazing competition. Deadly Class makes life even harder for the Rats of the school as every other faction comes for them. On top of that, the Legacies get a fancy dance which the Rats are naturally excluded from.

Picking your battles

Marcus’ new roommate, Shabnam, says everything from the previous episode is water under the bridge. He graciously decides to walk Marcus through Legacy week and explain what the other Rats do. When accepting his ticket to the ball, he also warns Marcus that the hazing throughout this week is notorious and brutal. To drive home the point, Billy opens his locker only to get his hand stuck in a rat trap.

Making things worse, Marcus is struggling in all of his classes. He bombs his blow dart class where he can’t even get the dart to fire across the room. In psychopathy, he makes an immediate enemy out of his teacher after calling him a bully. The only class where he seems to have an ally is poison lab, where the teacher has taken a liking to Marcus. Their latest lesson involves a poison which induces horrifying hallucinations. Marcus casually knocks the concoction onto a Legacy’s lap after he laughed at Billy’s injury from the rat trap.

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The professor holds Marcus behind to talk to him about his current rebellious nature. He warns him to start picking his battles and keeping his head low. In fact, he ominously tells Marcus he needs to soak up everything he can and get away from King’s Dominion before Final’s Week. Deadly Class comic book readers will probably know what that means but for new viewers, this is certainly an interesting new wrinkle in the education on King’s.

Hazing the rats

Viktor doesn’t seem to care that Petra is a Rat and sets his sight on her after their hook-up last week. During blow darts, he invites her to be his date at the dance. She immediately says no, but then she speaks to Brandy. Of course, Brandy thinks Petra made the right call by not going because she doesn’t fit in with them anyways. With that in mind, Petra changes her mind and accepts Viktor’s invitation.

Meanwhile, Billy and Lex are completely judging her for her fling with Viktor. She doesn’t really care about her opinions and Marcus lets her know he’s staying neutral. However, their lunch is interrupted by the stares of their classmates and Chico. Turns out, they were served a rat goulash and everyone except for Marcus begins to vomit. Since Marcus had been homeless, eating rat isn’t actually a huge deal.

However, Billy and Lex will no longer put up with the hazing. Marcus chooses to sit things out since he would rather focus on his studies. Taking things into their own hands, Billy and Lex hand out packages to every one of their classmates full of blue paint. It doesn’t seem to be permanent though. Really, this is a pretty weak attempt at a prank by a couple of punks.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Hickson as Petra, Sean Depner a Viktor — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Study time

With his newfound dedication to school, Marcus decides its time to cut the people out of his life who aren’t helping. Deadly Class shows us Marcus spending time with Willie in secret but every time he approaches him public is brushed off. When Willie comes by to play some video games again, Marcus lets him know he’s not interested. He’s tired of being friends with someone who acts ashamed to be seen speaking with him.

In a class which involves a group sneaking inside a hostage situation, Marcus initially messes up. While Saya and Maria go to pick up the slack, both of them are taken down. Marcus steps up and is able to use a phone to strangle the attacker.  Shockingly, the teacher praises Marcus for his ability to adapt to his surroundings. Saya is furious because he was the reason they were caught in the first place. At least it proves that Marcus is beginning to learn from his mistakes as he slowly begins improving.

Instead of attending the dance, Marcus spends the evening with Billy and Lex lighting fireworks. While it might not be as glamorous of an evening, it definitely feels like they’re having a better time than the different gangs forced to tolerate each other at the ball.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria, Lana Condor as Saya — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

A day off

Unsurprisingly, Chico’s and Maria’s relationship hasn’t gotten any better by this episode of Deadly Class. He stops by her room for a movie night but she asks for permission to go to the ball instead. He agrees to let her go with Saya, even though Maria looks a little shocked he didn’t put up more of a fight. Maybe he’s still riding the high of murdering a guy last week.

Nevertheless, the two spend a majority of the episode having fun. After class, the two are walking around town and stop in front of a run-down house. Maria admits she would give anything for a boring home full of books a niños. Saya is the opposite, she wants to party and have fun forever. Although, she also lets Maria know that she’s not crazy or weak for being different. It’s nice to see Deadly Class exploring this friendship despite the fact they’re in rival gangs.

After stealing some strawberry wine from a liquor store, the two happily hit the dance floor at the Legacy Ball. Unfortunately, their good time is cut short by the appearance of Chico. He immediately claims Maria is only Saya’s friend because he needed someone to keep an eye on her gang. She storms off and Maria is anxious but when they meet up in the hallways it’s clear they’re on the same side. Unlike most shows which would pit the two female leads against each other, Deadly Class makes it clear their loyalty is to each other.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria, Lana Condor as Saya — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

The Legacy Queen

Poor Petra really gets the short end of the stick in this week’s episode. She attends the ball with Viktor and it seems like the two are genuinely having fun. However, the two go off into the bathroom together only to be ambushed by Brandy and her friends. Turns out, Brandy only riled up Petra to get her to come as part of the hazing group. What’s worse is that Viktor is in on the whole thing!

Brandy forcibly dresses up Petra in a ridiculous wig and dress to flaunt her on the stage. Petra runs out of the room to return to her friends where they try to console her. Marcus realizes this is a battle he needs to fight and decides it’s time to get some revenge. The Rats all show up at the Legacy Ball in hoods and armed with their blow darts. They casually hit everyone with the poison from class and the place descends into chaos.

Before Marcus can hit Chico, he gets unarmed. Willie steps in and threatens Chico for hitting Marcus but before things can escalate further, Master Lin steps in. At least Marcus’ and Willie’s friendship is repaired since Willie had his back when he needed it. Petra even gets a happy ending when Billy dances with her in the remains of the ball.

DEADLY CLASS — “Snake Pit” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Sean Depner as Viktor, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

What’s the final?

After his talk with Marcus early in the episode, Jürgen Denke decides it’s time to retire from King’s Dominion. He officially hands Lin his notice but is warned this is a death sentence. Lin meets with a mysterious woman, who forces humans to act as her furniture, to let her know about Denke’s resignation. While Lin tries to reason they should let him live, this woman lets him know that it’s non-negotiable.

Lin calls Denke to his office and offers him a drink. However, Denke doesn’t want one and he angrily says Lin could change the policy about the Rats if he wanted to. The two can’t see eye to eye on this issue and Denke discovers the wine is poisoned. Both men begin to fight but eventually, Lin lets Denke go free with a warning. Is this the end of the poison teacher’s arc on Deadly Class? We hope not, because his mentorship with Marcus has been interesting to watch.

However, this does make us wonder what is so bad about this final that it could drive someone to resign. Lin does look conflicted and based on his comments it’s clear that not many Rats have passed said final before.

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We also get another flashback at Marcus’ past at the beginning of the hour which shows us a glimpse of his time at the boys’ home in animation. His roommate had a deep infatuation with animals considering he’s casually jerking off to a poodle on television. He also slashed Marcus’ face and thinks it would help make him tough. However, an angry Marcus sits on his bed cradling a bomb and we already know this story isn’t going to end well. But based on his voice and actions, it seems safe to say the crazy guy from last week is probably Marcus’ roommate.

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