DC Universe’s Titans: 5 characters we want in season 2 (and 5 we want to stay far away)

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Young Justice: Outsiders episode 13 (Credit: DC Universe)

8. Should Join: The Brotherhood of Evil

While I am certain no group of villains would actually call themselves ‘evil’, the Brotherhood is crazy enough to embrace that moniker. They have long been the bane of the Titans in the comics, which is precisely what makes them an exciting inclusion for the series.

Over the years, the band of evil has included The Brain (a talking brain), Monsieur Mallah (a genius gorilla), the powerful psychic Psimon, master of disguise Madame Rouge, and portal creator Warp.

The Brotherhood started off as Doom Patrol villains before crossing over to Titans, so that’s another exciting connection for the two DC Universe shows.

7. Please Stay Away: Blood Cult

The Blood Cult has been an integral part of Titans history and is currently wreaking havoc in the comics. But they have already had their day in the second season of Arrow, and unfortunately, they left very little impression on viewers.

Sebastian Blood/ Brother Blood is a powerful figure who leads the Church of Blood. His influence is so great that his cult of fanatics blindly does his bidding. He even has a partner-in-crime, Mother Mayhem, who worships him.

Does all that sound familiar? Introducing the Blood Cult will seem like a rehash of Trigon and the Organisation from the first season of Titans, and no one wants that.