DC Universe’s Titans: 5 characters we want in season 2 (and 5 we want to stay far away)

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2. Should Join: Bruce Wayne

If season one of Titans proved anything, it’s that it needs Batman, or rather, Bruce Wayne. The finale was especially exciting because we were introduced to a version of Batman.

But the Caped Crusader is not essential to the main storyline — Bruce is. Dick is always complaining about Bruce, but without actually seeing the two interact (in the present, or the past), their relationship has no credibility.

What reason did Dick have for sticking around so long if there wasn’t some glue that bound the two characters to each other? It’s not like he chucked his Robin suit the moment he came of age, so what precisely did Bruce do to make Dick question his entire life?

Maybe the new (and younger) Batman from the DCEU can appear on the show and tell us?

1. Please Stay Away: Deathstroke and the Wilson Family (including Wintergreen)

I am, admittedly, barking up the wrong tree since the Wilsons are appearing on the show next season. But, honestly, I don’t want to see yet another Deathstroke on screen.

Manu Bennett in Arrow really captured the essence of the character while still making him empathetic. It’s a shame he had to be written out so that Warner Brothers could cast their own Slade for the films. Nothing has come off of Joe Manganiello’s cameo appearance, but we also have Deathstroke in Young Justice: Outsiders, so enough of this character, already.

It seems like we are probably getting Joe Wilson/ Jericho on the show as well, but hopefully, the showrunners will update his character design and make him compelling.

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So, do you agree with our list? Which Titans comics characters do you want to see on the show next season? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!