Myers Briggs personality types of Game of Thrones characters

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Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister (Image: HBO)

ESFJ – Cersei Lannister

She’s currently sitting on the Iron Throne, and it was quite a ride getting there. Cersei’s vindictive side stems from her fierce protectiveness over her three children. Sure, she loves having power, but it pales in comparison than the way she feels about her offspring (with her brother). She will stop at nothing to protect those she loves.

I never said she was good at it though. Because all three of her children are no longer with us… well, except for the one she’s carrying right now.

ESFJ personalities love the spotlight. And I think the more power she has, the more she loves the attention. When someone wrongs her, she offers paybacks in spectacular fashion (the Great Sept wildfire explosion). And, she takes credit for it all.

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Maisie Williams (Credit: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO)

ISTP – Arya Stark

ISTP personalities tend to be down-to-earth and logical. And Arya, while seemingly unbalanced at times is very rational. She has a hit list of everyone who has done her or her family wrong.

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So, it’s only reasonable that she will wrong these people – An eye for an eye!

ISTPs are also up for anything and can adapt when needed. When Arya found herself in Westeros without her family, she had to figure out how to survive, even if that meant disguising herself as a boy so that her true identity could be hidden.