Myers Briggs personality types of Game of Thrones characters

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Sean Bean as Ned Stark (Image by HBO)

ISTJ – Eddard “Ned” Stark

ISTJs are hard-working, organized, and strives to uphold integrity. Basically, you can always count on the Inspector to do the right thing…the honorable thing, even if it kills him. And that’s what happened to Ned Stark.

He literally couldn’t stand the fact that people were lying. He couldn’t let it go. He could have just lived happily in the North doing his thing, but he had to keep picking at the scab that was Cersei Lannister and the true patronage of her brood. I get why he did it. But he believed in honor and truth so much that it led to his own demise and the demise of a crap-ton of other people, too.

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

ISFJ – Brienne of Tarth

There is a number of characteristics that describe an ISFJ personality is loyal, considerate, and unselfish. And if those don’t describe Brienne of Tarth, I don’t know what does!

Though Brienne isn’t exactly warm, she’s sensitive and takes any task she is given to heart. When her allegiance was first with Renly Baratheon, she tried her best to protect him. And then when it lied with Catelyn Stark, even after her death she serves her daughters as their protector. She’s the ultimate caretaker, although, they don’t really need it.

She’s fiercely loyal, almost to her own detriment. But I’d rather have her on my side than against me because this mama bear will go to battle for her cubs, whether that be the Starks or not.