The Handmaid’s Tale releases cryptic season 3 trailer during Super Bowl


The Handmaid’s Tale drops a season 3 trailer during the Super Bowl–and it’s gloomy AF.

The Handmaid’s Tale is known for its dark, depressing undertones that are embedded within its story, plot, and characters. And with two seasons under its belt, the series is now prepping for the third season, which promises to be gloomier than ever before. During Super Bowl Sunday this week, The Handmaid’s Tale snagged a prime spot during commercials to air its season 3 trailer, per Deadline.

A quick look at Gilead shows fires and some bold imagery that seems to be taking the series to the next level. This sneak peek was released during the first quarter of the game and completely caught many off-guard due to the nature of how it was presented. But once we realized what was going on, we were 100% tuned in.

The reason why the trailer is so jarring is that it starts off with June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss) staring out the window, but there’s a happy-go-lucky voiceover in the background saying “it’s morning again in America.” The scene shifts to babies and women getting ready for a day of work ahead of them, and then, of course, everything changes.

Just like that, we are thrust back into what we would expect from The Handmaid’s Tale as the previous message changes into “wake up America, morning’s over.” Well, then. There are glimpses of the handmaids in Washington D.C. spread out across the National Mall, and then all sorts of cryptic, haunting images flashing throughout.

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Where will the story go from here? We are so desperate to find out! What we do know is that June/Offred did not leave with her baby at the end of season 2, and gave her to Emily/Ofglen. June intends on finding her daughter Hannah before leaving the horrible and miserable world of Gilead behind. Will she finally succeed this season? Something tells us it’s going to be a rather difficult task.

Check out the season 3 trailer above, and tell us what you think in the comments below!