Will Scream Queens be brought back for a revival?


Ryan Murphy, are you toying with our hearts with talk of a Scream Queens revival?

Scream Queens was one of Ryan Murphy’s many projects, and it was taken away rather too soon. The series originally aired on Fox from September 2015 to December 2016 and was canceled after two seasons in 2017. Many Ryan Murphy favorites were roped in for the series including Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and Oliver Hudson.

The series follows Roberts’ character, Chanel Oberlin, a pretentious, snobby sorority girl that rules the school, so to speak. With a group of girls vying for her attention, Chanel is considered the queen bee of her friend’s circle. Now, add a touch of Ryan Murphy magic to it, and in comes a murder mystery. The first season focused on the Red Devil mascot who came back after 20 years to commit a string of murders, and the second season took place in a hospital setting where a new serial killer by the name of Green Meanie was the season’s focus.

Once it was canceled, it seemed like Scream Queens had left our lives forever. However, earlier this week, Ryan Murphy put up an intriguing Instagram post asking fans how they would like to see the series return, per Comicbook.com. Do they want a limited series or a movie? Who do they want to see brought back?

Obviously, we vote for Chanel Oberlin all the way. She was annoying and rude, but she was the heart of Scream Queens, hands down. We also wouldn’t mind seeing John Stamos return, because why not?

To add fuel to the hopeful fire, both Lea Michele (Hester Ulrich) and Emma Roberts commented on Murphy’s post. Both of them left comments saying “Long live Chanel” and “Long live Hester”. Ahh, could this become a reality–please?

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Fans left all sorts of suggestions for Murphy including a potential crossover between American Horror Story and Scream Queens. That could possibly get too messy and complicated due to the overlap, but hey, anything is possible right?

What are your thoughts on a Scream Queens revival? And which characters would you like to see come back? Tell us in the comments!