Amazon releases new Hanna promo during Super Bowl


A new 60-second teaser for Amazon’s Hanna aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, offering members a free sneak peek at the new series.

Sunday night a new and expanded trailer for the Amazon Prime thriller series Hanna aired during the Super Bowl. The series, set to premiere in March, is adapted by writer David Farr (The Night Manager) who also wrote the original 2011 film on which the series is based. The trailer offered Amazon Prime members a 24-hour sneak peek of the first episode, directed by Sarah Adina Smith (Legion). Hanna stars Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna, Joel Kinnaman as her father Erik, and Mireille Enos as rogue CIA operative Marissa.

The series follows the teenaged Hanna, who was raised in isolation by her father Erik in the European wilderness. Erik is an ex-mercenary who trains Hanna, preparing her to protect herself for the inevitable day they come to separate them from each other.

Ironically, this makes her an asset as much as him, guaranteeing she will never have a normal life. When rogue CIA operative Marissa begins a relentless pursuit to capture her, Hanna is forced out into the world alone to evade the forces that pursue her and reunite with her father.

The trailer features a montage of Hanna’s brutal training routine with a voiceover of her father telling her that she is small, her voice too soft to be heard, that she will always be overlooked, underestimated, and ignored. So basically womanhood. But there’s a twist because she’s not ordinary and she has all these secret skills that no one would consider her capable of.

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If she is to be constantly underestimated because of her gender and age, then she also has the advantage. “Use that,” her father says. “And be the girl no one saw coming.” There follows a montage of Hanna using her skills out in the field, incapacitating guards, evading pursuit, disarming attackers, parkouring into impossible buildings. She is so damn cool. The moral of the story is that maybe the women you dismiss have more to offer than you think. Never underestimate a woman.

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Source: Deadline