5 TV shows coming in 2019 that we want to binge (and 5 we’re sad to see go)

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Coming: Shrill
Premiering March 15, 2019 on Hulu

In the 6-episode TV series Shrill, current Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant stars as Annie, an overweight woman who wants to change her life — but that doesn’t include changing her body.

The series is based on New York Times opinion columnist Lindy West’s 2016 memoir Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, and will also feature SNL alum Julia Sweeney as Annie’s mother.

This show looks to be a hilarious but topical examination of what it means to want more from life and to try to get it despite the limitations society attempts to place on an individual.

As can be seen in the trailer above, the show will be witty but also take its characters and their situations seriously. We’re looking forward to seeing more when the show comes to Hulu on March 15.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — “I Need A Break” — Image Number: CEG412a_0405.jpg — Pictured: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca — Photo: Erica Parise/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Going: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Final Season is Currently Airing on The CW

From the start, the story of Rebecca Bunch, the titular Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, has been a rocky journey. Rebecca ditched a lucrative job at a law firm in New York City to follow her ex to West Covina, California. She teamed up with new friend Paula for all kinds of shenanigans, won her man and lost him, attempted suicide and fought her way back, and is finally attempting to work on her issues and find some happiness.

Through it all, she’s had a song in her heart — and fans have had the opportunity to share it with her.

While the show’s story sounds either bonkers or depressing, its use of songs to punctuate its observations, it’s delicate handling of mental health issues, and its smart approach to the story of a difficult character has made it one of TV’s most unique and funny options.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be coming to an end with its fourth season and the series finale will air in April. Life won’t be the same without Rebecca Bunch, but at least we can listen to one of the more than 100 songs the series produced to remind us of this gem.