White Dragon season 1 premiere recap


Amazon Prime debuts its new original, White Dragon.

White Dragon begins with a British woman named Megan Harris driving along a mountainside in Hong Kong.  As she’s driving she’s leaving a voicemail to her husband of three years, saying that she’s gotten herself into a situation and they may never see each other again.  She also says that she wishes they could’ve had more time and that things could’ve been different. Shortly afterward her car gets blindsided by a dump truck.

Cut over to London where we meet Megan’s husband and the show’s main character, Professor Jonah Mulray (Doctor Who’s John Simm).  He begins to teach his class only to pulled away by a police officer informing him of Megan’s death.

Jonah flies over to Hong Kong, despite a noticeable fear of planes, to identify Megan’s body with the help of a British consulate employee named Sally Porter (Merlin’s Emilia Fox).

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On his way to the consulate, he notices a protest in the street against a local rich man running for office named Xiangong Xo.  Not much is said about this guy so far but he’ll in all likelihood wind up being important later.

As Jonah and Sally drive over to the police station to identify the body, he exposits a little about his life with Megan.  Before meeting Jonah, she had spent half her life living in Hong Kong and even after they got married would still visit the city every few weeks.  Jonah admits that despite always promising to visit her in Hong Kong he never actually gotten around to doing it, presumably due to his fear of flying.

Once they actually get to the police station, things at first appear to be fairly straight forward. Jonah positively identifies the body, the police fill him in on the specifics of Megan’s car accident including that she died instantly on impact and they turn over her personal effects to him, including two cell phones (always a good sign).

As he’s about to leave though, he notices a man inside an interrogation room being shown pictures of Megan.

Wanting to know who this man is, Jonah follows and confronts him asking who he is.  The man drops a real bombshell on him, to say the least as he introduces himself as David Chen, Megan’s husband of almost 20 years.  As a matter of fact, the only reason Jonah was given Megan’s personal effects was that David didn’t want them.

David admits he had some suspicions about Jonah for a little while now, saying that Megan began changing after her company started sending her on business trips to London and then he noticed a gift from Jonah in one of her suitcases a few months before her death.

These revelations have an adverse effect on the two men with Jonah racking his brain over how little he knew his wife, while David doesn’t see much point in dwelling on it since she’s dead now anyway.  The two men part ways but not before David leaves Jonah his contact info just in case they need to talk about things further.

Meanwhile, David and Megan’s rebellious daughter Lau (Harry Potter’s Katie Leung) gets herself arrested as part as the protest against Xo.  She spends a little time is jail where one of the fellow protesters invites her to a place called the Lei Club before David shows up to bail her out.

As Jonah returns to his hotel room, he finds that a Middle Eastern man in the process of breaking in.  The man punches Jonah in the face before running out and stealing his laptop and passport. He later finds out the man asked for him by a name indicating this robbery was no random occurrence and expresses those suspicions to the police, who aren’t particularly helpful since Jonah can’t give much description about the guy’s appearance.

The thief, who’s name turns out to Reza gives Jonah’s stolen passport to another man in exchange for some cash.

Later on, a tech guy looking into Jonah’s robbery notices some security camera footage of a guy fitting Jonah’s description of the thief using Megan’s credit card two days before and understandably believes there could be a connection.  He reports the finding to his boss who promptly tosses it into the garbage the second he leaves the room. Reza is later seen burning Megan’s credit card.

Jonah returns to the consulate to get some help from Sally replacing his passport which goes relatively smoothly.  He then asks her if she knows a place to charge in a cell phone since his battery has been dead the entire episode.  She suggests that he can probably buy one at a shop in town.

Lau then receives a call from Michael Cohen, a reporter looking into Megan’s death.  He wants to ask Lau some questions but apparently, the Chen family have a not so great history together so she tells him to piss off.  When David finds out about this, he confronts Cohen at his office and angrily tells him to leave his family alone.

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Jonah finds an electronics booth to sell him a charger and is able to turn his phone back on and listen to the voice mail Megan left for him.  As it turns out though, the voicemail unintentionally continued recording through the car crash. He is horrified to hear that Megan was still alive after the crash and then the clear sound of a gunshot.

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