Kingdom recap: season 1 episode 3


In episode three of Kingdom, the zombies are loose in Dongnae and those still left alive struggle to survive the night.

Magistrate Beom-Pal and his officials hide under the porch as the zombies above feast on the slower villagers. They soon get found out and they escape to the jail to lock themselves in.

Many guards are sacrificed in the process, and Beom-Pal ends up in a cell with Seobi and a recently bitten guard. It does not take long for the bitten to turn into zombies and soon they are trapped with him.

Seobi is the one who grabs for his sword before he turns, with Beom-Pal cowering behind her. The zombie guard runs into the sword through the neck, severing his spinal cord and killing him for good.

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Meanwhile, Yeong-sin has escaped the jail and is helping passing villagers climb to the roof away from the zombies. These are fast zombies, by the way, not your traditional shambling zombies. They rampage through the town, attacking noblemen, peasants, fishermen, women, and children.

No one is spared. A woman hides one daughter in a crate so she can look for her other daughter, but turns into a zombie before she can go anywhere. The lost daughter returns, distracting the mother and unknowingly sacrificing herself, allowing her hidden sister to live.

The Prince stands across the river, watching Dongnae burn. A swarm of zombies comes running toward him and at this point, he makes the exact same face I did when I saw this grotesque stampede of monsters.

He literally runs for his life, and just as he is about to be overtaken, Muyeung arrives on horseback with bow and arrow to save him. The Prince, in turn, saves Muyeung by slicing off the heads of two zombies. They run to the barracks along with the rest of the panicked villagers.

When they arrive, the gates are closed and no one answers their call. The army is hiding inside, barricading themselves inside. The Prince and the villagers begin climbing the walls. The weight of the climbers threaten to bring down the wall, so the army begins firing arrows at them to make them stop.

Once the zombies arrive there is no choice but to risk the arrows to get inside. The Prince and Muyeung decide instead to run through the woods and end up jumping into the lake. Thankfully, the zombies that run in after them can’t swim.

Back at Hanyang, the zombie King eats a servant provided for him as the Queen and Lord Chu look on. The pregnant Queen discovers she is bleeding and carefully hides it from Lord Chu. The soiled garments are secretly burned by her loyal servant. As the few survivors in Dongnae hide from the zombies, the sun finally rises and put an end to the night.

Everyone comes out from their hiding places, gathering at the Magistrate’s office. The army arrives back in town, looking around like clueless Monty Python soldiers. They are not greeted warmly, least of all by Beom-Pal who was abandoned by his advisor.

They try to blame Yeong-sin for not warning them about the zombies. He’s too tired to be anything more than exasperated. Seobi tells them the whole story and that they must burn the bodies or cut off their heads to prevent them from rising again. This causes outrage from the surviving family members. How dare they desecrate their loved one’s bodies in such a way?

The Prince arrives to take charge and organize the quarantine. He is outraged at the official’s cowardice and incompetence. He orders the bodies gathered and burned, the city quarantined and the signal fires lit to request help carrying out the measures. Meanwhile, survivors should be sent to safety by ship.

Back in Hanyang, the Lead Scholar meets with one of Lord Cho’s men to tell him about the corpses seen at the Palace. He is as concerned as the Scholar and they decide to go together to the Palace to see for themselves that the King is safe.

Lord Ahn Hyeon, an influential leader, is meant to go with them to add authority, but the letter meant for him is intercepted by one of Lord Cho’s spies. He allows the letter to be sent, feeling confident that Lord Ahn Hyeon will never be able to oppose him.

In Dongnae, Beom-Pal sends for Seobi and tries unsuccessfully and awkwardly to tell her that he wants to marry her. She is oblivious and thinks she is meant to diagnose his blushing complexion and rapid heartbeat – his symptoms of love – and thinks that he might have gonorrhea.

Their interview is interrupted when the Prince sends for Seobi. Meanwhile, the battleships have been destroyed and there are not enough boats to evacuate the people, and there is not enough manpower to find and destroy all the zombies. There is only one ship left.

Seobi meets the Prince in Jiyulheon and remembers the night of the zombie outbreak. Physician Lee told them that it was different at Hanyang, that when his apprentice was bitten he was sick for days before dying and died as a human.

Somehow, the disease has mutated and started to spread. Physician Lee believed that he could cure the disease, but of course, he turned into a zombie before he could say how. Seobi went looking for the resurrection plant, but it was not anywhere to be found.

Despite the charges of treason, the Prince now knows that he is justified in his stand against Lord Cho and the Queen. If their conspiracy to hide the death of the King can be revealed, the country will support the Prince. He plans to see Lord Ahn Hyeon to ask his support to confront Lord Cho.

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Meanwhile, the nobles and officials have decided to escape on the only ship, leaving behind the peasants and the Prince. Beom-Pal has doubts about whether leaving Dongnae is the right thing to do, but his advisor convinces him he must save himself in order to rebuild Dongnae once everything is over.

His advisor assures him that the Prince left in safety and that everything is fine. Beom-Pal is good-hearted but cowardly and incompetent. It is those around him who are knowingly selfish and manipulative.

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