Who is Big Richie on The Walking Dead: The walker that became a meme


Who is Big Richie on The Walking Dead?

That is the question that fans everywhere were asking themselves when Negan walked into the Sanctuary and saw him there.

After taking a good look at him, Negan simply said “loyal to the end” and then had a hard time making himself finally end the life of this one particular Walker.

Of course, while Negan was the Big Bad who had no problem bashing Glenn’s skull in, he was always loyal to those who were loyal to him and that means that Big Richie was someone that Negan knew all too well.

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The problem is that there was no Big Richie on The Walking Dead in the past seasons when Negan’s Saviors battle Rick Grimes and his group of survivors.

There is also no listing of a Big Richie in the cast for any previous season or episode. So, who is Big Richie?  It seems that Twitter had some answers to who is Big Richie on The Walking Dead, as it quickly became a meme.

While Big Richie might have been a lieutenant, it was never someone we saw sitting at the big table when Negan was discussion the All-Out War. Maybe he was someone who worked on the ground level, keeping the people Negan protected in line.

That is also an interesting thought. Negan is alone now. He no longer has people to lead and those left hate him for his past actions. Could Big Richie on The Walking Dead be nothing more than a symbolic gesture that Negan is now alone?

Crazily enough, this wasn’t the only person who thought they heard Big Richie on The Walking Dead saying “Negan.” Early seasons of the show wondered if the Walkers could someday live among the normal people, with Morgan trying his best to rehabilitate them and Michonne actually keeping two as pets.

Could this Big Richie actually prove that Walkers could still retain something? That is highly unlikely, seeing as how some great people turned and immediately began trying to eat their loved ones (see Amy and Andrea).

There is also the fact that Negan had not seen an actual Walker in six years (he was locked away for a LONG time). Maybe the voice was his imagination and it played out live for the viewers.

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What are your thoughts? Who was Big Richie on The Walking Dead? Was he a former ally or was he symbolic of everything Negan had lost? Let us know in the comments below.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC at 9/8 CST.