Aidy Bryant talks about her future on SNL and new Hulu comedy


Comedian Aidy Bryant has a lot to look forward to with her upcoming Hulu comedy–but will she return to SNL?

Aidy Bryant is a hoot to watch on SNL and has given us classic skits such as playing Adele in the show’s skit version of “Hello”. Seriously, how hilarious was that? Bryant has been on SNL since 2012, but things are starting to pick up for her career outside of it. Coming up in March, her comedy series Shrill will drop on Hulu in which she stars and is the co-writer. But does this mean that she will not return for the 2019-2020 season of the late-night comedy sketch show?

As reported by Deadline, Bryant has all intentions of returning and is not ready to say goodbye just yet. In fact, she stated that “I think I’ll definitely go back next season and I’m not on my way out.” For any Aidy Bryant fans, you can take a huge sigh of relief. Taking on Shrill as a project has been huge for Bryant who asked SNL boss Lorne Michaels to join it as an executive producer.  Having Michaels be her go-to person on Shrill went a long way and provided her with some much-needed guidance.

Shrill is centered around Bryant’s character, Annie, who is an overweight woman wanting to make changes in her life, but not necessarily her weight, per a report by TVLine. The trailer reveals her messy life of boy drama, taking care of a sick parent, and a boss that always wants things to be perfect. Annie is content with living a slow, calm life but things take a drastic turn when she briefly becomes famous for writing a blog post about attending a body-positive pool party.

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Along with Michaels, Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock) is also an executive producer on the six-episode premiere season. This Aidy Bryant series is set to release all episodes on March 15th, so don’t miss it! It definitely looks like it’s going to be a fun one.

What did you think of the Shrill trailer? And do you want to see Aidy Bryant return for another season of SNL? Share your comments below!