PEN15 season 1, episode 8 recap: Wild Things


PEN15 takes us to Anna’s first kiss and a major point in her relationship with Brendan. Meanwhile, Maya is starting to realize her feelings for Sam.

This episode of PEN15 starts with Brendan passing a note to Anna in band class. Brendan is inviting her over to his house to watch Wild Things. Maya says Anna has to go, joking that it’ll be when she and Brendan will make out.

Later, as they walk down the hallway, Anna and Maya see people looking at them and overhear people talking about Anna and Brendan. As they get to their lockers, Brendan comes up and asks again if Anna is coming over. Anna asks if Maya can come too and Brendan says yes.

After school, Anna and Maya hang out in Anna’s room. Anna starts to get nervous about the possibility that Brendan will want to kiss her.

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Since his last attempt, at the bowling alley, was so awkward for her, she’s worried it won’t feel natural. Maya tells her it’ll be fine and they both start practicing their kissing on bed posts. Just then, Anna’s dad comes in looking for his Discman. Both girls scream and Anna yells at him to get out.

As they try to sleep, Maya says she’s not going to go anymore because she wasn’t originally invited. Anna, after trying to convince Maya she’s invited, finally suggests that Maya bring someone with her if she’s afraid that she’ll be left alone while Anna and Brendan are off somewhere. FlyMiamiBro isn’t available, but Anna suggests Maya invite someone from their soccer practice.

The next day, at soccer practice, Maya can’t get any of the boys’ attention and Anna’s not being much help since she’s preoccupied with Brendan.

Anna suggests Maya ask Sam. Maya goes over to Sam (and not being nice, even though Anna told her to be nice) and asks if he’s going to Brendan’s. He says he is. But before Maya can ask him anything else, another girl, Jenna, comes up and starts being nice and complementing Sam’s soccer skills. He asks her to go come to Brendan’s movie night.

Maya says it’s pretty crazy that Jenna would come since she wasn’t invited on PEN15. Sam calls Maya out for being mean and says that Jenna is a nice person. As he jogs away, Maya mumbles to herself that she’s a nice person too.

Cut to Brendan’s movie night. When Anna and Maya arrive, Sam and Jenna are already on the couch in Brendan’s den talking. Brenda’s friend, Skyler, is also there, rounding out their group of six.

Before they start, one last person arrives, Brendan’s cousin, Richard, who brought the movie for them to watch. He mentions that he got the movie from Blockbuster using his brother’s ID. Anna is confused why he’d need an ID since she thought the movie was about animals. Sam jokes that there are “beavers” in it.

As Richard introduces the movie, he announces that it’s rated R and everyone is excited, except for Anna who seems nervous. Without further ado, they start the movie—with Maya awkwardly sitting between Anna and Brendan.

During the movie, Maya tries to get Anna to switch seats with her so Anna can be closer to Brendan. But Anna doesn’t want to. Maya slides off the couch so there’s nothing left between Anna and Brendan.

Later, Brendan whispers to Richard that he wants to hook up with Anna. Richard tells Maya and Maya climbs back up on the couch to whisper to Anna.

Brendan then gets up and walks out of the room. Maya says that it’s now or never, Anna needs to go follow him. (Jenna agrees.) Anna begs Maya to come with her, but Maya refuses. Anna reluctantly leaves the room to follow Brendan.

After she’s gone, Maya is sitting next to Sam and jokingly (in her mean, joking way) tells him not to try anything with her and calls him a perv. He says he’ll just move, so he moves to the other side of Jenna and puts his arm around her shoulder.

Elsewhere, Anna meets Brendan in the hallway, but then says she’s just going to use the bathroom. She goes by him and closes the door behind her.

Back in the den, Maya looks on as Sam puts his hand on Jenna’s leg. Jealous, she looks to Richard and tries to put her hand on his leg, but is rejected.

After gargling some water, Anna leaves the bathroom. Brendan comes up to her and they awkwardly (aggressively, in Brendan’s case) start making out. Eventually, he pulls away, smiles and walks back into the den to cheers from the group.

Anna wipes her mouth, looking stunned, if not defeated.

When Anna gets back in the den, again to oohs and ahhs from the group, Maya asks how it was. Anna says she’ll tell Maya later on PEN15. While everyone else is enthralled by the threesome scene in the movie, Anna looks like she’s holding back tears. Maya tries to ask what’s wrong, but Anna won’t say.

Back at Anna’s house, Anna tells Maya about the kiss and how horrible it was for her. Anna says she wishes that she hadn’t had that first kiss and this experience has made her want to break up with Brendan.

Anna then mentions that it’s now Maya’s turn to get the next boyfriend and jokingly suggests Richard. Maya’s response makes it seem like, while she’s not interested in Richard, there is someone she’s interested in and it might be Sam.

Cut to school where Maya comes up to Sam and again greets him by calling him a mean name. Sam responds neutrally, not teasing Maya back, which Maya finds weird. She says that he’s changed since he started dating Jenna. Sam suggests that maybe Maya try being nice once in a while.

He challenges her to say something nice right then. She struggles at first but eventually says he’s the funniest person in their grade. She asks him if he has anything nice to say about her. He says she does a great Ace Ventura impression (something everyone knows) and she’s a good friend. The latter “compliment” clearly stings Maya. It looks like Sam might say something else, but before he can, Jenna comes up.

Maya is sitting in the bathroom with Anna as Anna tries to craft a note to Brendan. She comes up with a note they both agree is a nice way to break up with Brendan and Maya agrees to give it to him.

Just then, they hear a toilet flush and sink water run. Becca has been in there with them. Anna and Maya freak out, not knowing what or how much Becca overheard. The smug look on Becca’s face suggests she heard enough.

Maya springs into action, knowing she has to beat Becca to Brendan. She busts out of the bathroom and runs down the hallway trying to find anyone who has seen Brendan or Skyler.

This jumps to Anna standing in the hallways as a smirking Becca walks by. Skyler runs up to Anna, hands Anna a note and sprints off. The note is from Brendan. He bluntly breaks up with her. Maya then runs up saying she wasn’t able to find Brendan or Skyler to give them Anna’s note.

Maya apologizes for not being faster and hugs Anna.

Later, Maya destroys a picture of Brendan while sitting at her dining room table. Her parents come in and try to talk to her about Brendan, but she’s not interested. They sit down anyway and Anna admits that she’s embarrassed. Anna starts to tear up as she talks about how she regrets having her first kiss with someone she didn’t love.

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Her parents say that there’ll be others who will come along, plus, the kissing will get better. Then, much to Anna’s dismay, this episode of PEN15 ends with her parents awkwardly kissing to prove their point.

What are you looking forward to in the next episodes of PEN15? Will Sam and Maya ever get on the same page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.