The Umbrella Academy season 1, episode 3 recap: Extra Ordinary


The Umbrella Academy wants to know if there’s a fox in the henhouse.

Since Five has returned, the Academy faces threats both internally and externally. Of course, The Umbrella Academy has mainly kept the family in the dark regarding Five’s escapades. Klaus and Vanya are the only two who know about the apocalypse but both aren’t exactly the two who would keep the family updated about these new events. With Cha-Cha and Hazel closing in on the Hargreeves, they also struggle to deal with the latest suspicions regarding their mother.

It seems like every episode will kick things off with a flashback for one of the kids’ lives. “Extra Ordinary” focuses on Vanya and what eventually led her to write her autobiography. Walking past a store, she notices the comics for The Umbrella Academy are proudly displayed in the front. She walks inside and purchases a typewriter and begins to get to work. For her whole life she’s felt like an outsider and despite being a part of the family, she’s always been overlooked. Writing things from her point of view allows her to finally be heard by the world.

Unfortunately, her siblings don’t see it that way. All of them see it as Vanya airing out of all of their dirty laundry for the public. At first, Vanya is given a mass amount of attention with her book readings filling up. Over time, that popularity dries up and Vanya is once again left alone. Now, she spends her day as the third chair for an orchestra who is seen as a minor annoyance to everyone around her. The first chair violinist actually encourages Vanya to quit because she’s not talented enough to actually move forward.

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At the house, Luther and Allison have begun their own investigation into their mother. In a video of Reginald’s death, they see their mother hand him some tea right before his heart failed. She only stares as her “husband”/boss slowly dies. It’s certainly a dark turn of events, but Allison isn’t sure their kind mother programmed to care for them would be capable of murder. They decide the best decision would be to report their findings to the rest of their siblings.

Allison is sent to retrieve Vanya, who did wind up visiting Leonard. He makes little wood figurines and whittled a sculpture of her. She, of course, loves it and the two decide to go for a short walk. He invites her out to dinner, which Vanya agrees to, but they’re interrupted by Allison. Despite being initially star struck by Allison’s presence, he quickly lets Vanya know that he prefers her. The two sisters make up after their fight from the last episode and head back to the house.

Meanwhile, Luther is in charge of rounding up his brothers. Five had left the house to stake out MeniTech and left Klaus to continue dumpster diving because he refuses to fund his brother’s addiction. Naturally, Luther drags Klaus with him and the two go to talk to Five. In the van, Five is suffering from a panic attack regarding his time in the future, hinting he could be suffering from PTSD. He’s interrupted by his brothers but still refuses to return with Luther. They’re broken up by Klaus, who had run into a local corner store to try and steal some groceries.

Diego spent the morning at Gimble’s with Detective Patch to try and lure her to the dark side of vigilante justice. We appreciate that she refuses to do things his way, knowing that doing her job by the book means that real justice can happen. The Umbrella Academy seems to hint that Diego kills his victims rather than lock them up for a trial.

The debate about what should happen to their mother goes as well as one could expect. Diego is furious Luther would even suggest the idea and admits he stole the monocle from her because he knew Luther would do this. In order to settle things, the siblings agree to take a vote. Luther and Allison both vote together but Diego claims Vanya shouldn’t get a say. However, when Vanya reveals she was going to agree with him then he changes his mind. Could Diego be more obstinate?  To get back at Luther, Klaus also decides to side with his brother but without Five there the family agrees not to do anything until his vote.

Why is Diego so attached to his mother? In another flashback we see rounding up the kids for crime fighting was like getting them to school on time. Allison can’t find her mask, luckily her mother had grabbed it for washing earlier. Grace makes sure to stop by every one of her children’s rooms to check on them. Eventually, she comes to a stuttering Diego who’s struggling to speak clearly. With some gentle insistence, he’s eventually able to get it right. She hugs and congratulates him while Reginald looks on disapprovingly.

The Umbrella Academy makes things more interesting when Hazel and Cha-Cha are able to charm the waitress from Griddy’s to draw a picture of Five’s tattoo. It leads them straight to the Academy where they quietly make their way through the house. A high and bathing Klaus doesn’t hear anything but Diego stumbles upon them which makes a fight break out. Luther takes on a giant Hazel to try and protect Vanya while both Diego and Allison go up against Cha-Cha.

Again, the series has some great stunt choreography which showcases everyone’s individual fighting style. Eventually, Allison is able to get Cha-Cha to retreat when she finds a knife for Diego to throw. Meanwhile, when a chandelier is dropped on Luther and he still gets up, Hazel decides it’s time to flee too. Getting up, it’s finally revealed what happened to Luther for him to get so large. He has the body of a gorilla, something he’s completely ashamed of.

Meanwhile, Diego is furious that Vanya was at the house. He tells her to leave because she’s only getting in their way. Allison agrees, albeit more nicely, and Vanya leaves once again heartbroken. It leads her to Leonard’s doorstep and we’re already worried about how he could manipulate her in this vulnerable state.

Speaking of vulnerable, Diego goes upstairs to find his mother didn’t react once to the fight. Her programming is clearly decaying and he’s too sad to watch her continue to regress. He essentially kills her and she encourages him to “remember” before the life leaves her eyes. It’s heartbreaking to watch, and arguably Diego’s scenes with his mother give us the most insight for him as a person.

As for Five, he seems to have caught a break. The scientist he interacted with in the last episode is seen handing over a package to a car passing by before taking an envelope of cash. What could this corporation be up to?

The Academy will have to focus on their missing sibling: Klaus. In the chaos of the fight, Hazel and Cha-Cha were able to kidnap him for leverage. Does this family ever get a break?

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This hour also finally tells us what happened with Allison’s marriage. She needs to attend mandatory counseling in order to get visitation. As a three-year-old, Claire would have some major temper tantrums and refused to calm down. Eventually, Allison used her powers to get her daughter to stop. Allison tried to rationalize it as something any parent would do in her situation but truthfully she’s horrified at herself. Toddlers have temper tantrums, and she messed with her daughter’s head to make things easier. It’s a morally grey area but shows that these powers do have real-life consequences.

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