Gotham finale: 5 things we want to see (and 5 we really don’t want)

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2. We want – Batgirl

Barbara Kean’s announcement sets the stage for Barbara Gordon’s introduction on Gotham. Known as Batgirl, and later the tech genius Oracle, Barbara’s superhero career in the comics is as accomplished as Batman’s. Best of all, she’s a hero in her own right, adopting a ‘Bat’ title willfully, rather than being commandeered into it.

Gotham could easily add a version of the character to show how the city has more than one hero protecting it. If the showrunners go down the route of writing Barbara as disabled from the start, that will be even better. I imagine Jim lovingly taking hold of his daughter and raising her on his own, while Barbara Kean continues running her club, protecting the women of her city and doling out superhero advice to her daughter from time to time.

1. Definitely not – Dick Grayson

In the first season of the show, viewers briefly met John Grayson, whom the showrunners had hinted was intended to be the father of a certain Dick Grayson, Robin the Boy Wonder turned solo superhero Nightwing in the comics.

Considering it has been five years since that introduction and the finale will feature another time-jump, the series creators could be inclined to introduce Batman’s sidekick, with Haly’s circus, et al. But, considering Dick Grayson is already leading DC Universe’s Titans, the character and his origin story will be fresh in viewers’ minds. We don’t need another re-tread so soon after on Gotham.

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