Shadowhunters season 3B, episode 11 recap: Lost Souls


Shadowhunters begins the last leg of its final season with the return of Clary Fray, her brother Jonathan, and a new way of life for Magnus Bane.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments is in the endgame now with the first episode of season 3B. Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) was stabbed through the chest in episode 10, and he lay dying in his partner Magnus Bane’s (Harry Shum Jr.) arms as the Warlock was unable to heal him since he had traded his magic to break the Queen of Hell, Lilith’s hold over Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood). Tragedy struck elsewhere as Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) was presumed dead after Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) successfully vanquished Lilith (Anna Hopkins) using the Seelie Queen’s mark on his forehead.

The Aftermath of Clary’s Demise

Episode 11 of Shadowhunters sees the team struggling with Clary’s death. Alec has recovered from his injuries, but while he and his sister, Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) carry out their missions, Alec’s parabatai Jace is reckless, running headlong into danger. Jace feels the burden of carrying out Lilith’s deeds, but he appears to be on a death wish now that Clary is dead.

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Alec takes Jace aside, commanding him to take time off to clear his head. Jace is adamant he’s fine despite being caught trying to kill himself. It takes a heartfelt pep talk from Alec to make Jace understand the pain he is causing his loved ones.

"‘If I lost you, I’d be lost, too.’ – Alec tells Jace"

And he’s not the only one suffering. Simon, Clary’s best friend, is desperate to carve the Seelie mark out of his forehead – he believes it caused Clary’s death. But no matter how hard Simon tries, the mark protects him from all harm. There is little comfort that Simon’s partner, Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) can give him.

Clary’s stepfather Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) believes he can bring Clary back. He tells Jace about his hypothesis that Lilith’s apartment was relocated at the time of Simon’s blast. Luke has evidence to prove it, and he needs Jace to look into it.

Unknown to them all, Luke is right. Clary is alive and in the care of her brother, Jonathan (now played by Luke Baines). Looks like Lilith’s attempts to resurrect her son have succeeded, and then some! Jonathan has his real face back and he’s pretending to protect Clary from the Clave. She is a fugitive, after all.

Of course, Clary’s too smart for such sentiment. She grabs some woollens and runs out of Lilith’s apartment into the ice-y cold of Siberia. Clary doesn’t get far before collapsing from hypothermia. She is rescued by Jonathan who insists that he can be redeemed despite all the atrocities he has committed in the past. He tries to make it up to Clary by offering to transport the apartment to Paris, the city Clary has always wanted to visit. Clary takes the opportunity to stick a knife in her brother. As soon as she does this, both siblings collapse, bleeding to death. Jonathan is able to activate a healing rune which saves them. Lilith put a binding spell on both siblings to ensure her son couldn’t be killed. Now, Clary and Jonathan are ‘one’.

Simon and the Seelie Mark

There’s trouble in paradise for Simon and Maia. He questions her decision to ‘take off’ to Ocean City earlier in the season of Shadowhunters when he needed her most. It’s evident the return of Jordan Kyle, the werewolf who turned Maia, has driven a wedge between her and Simon. Clary’s accidental death at Simon’s hands widens the gap. Despite being a Daylighter – a vampire who can walk in the sun – Simon refuses to leave his apartment for fear of accidentally hurting someone.

Seeing him like this, Maia turns to Izzy for help. That’s when she realizes that Simon is suffering for several reasons. Not only does he think he caused the death of his friend, but he also had to enchant his mother into forgetting him so as to protect his identity as a vampire. Izzy’s suggestion is for Simon to meet the former head of the New York vampire clan, Raphael Santiago (David Castro), who has done research into Daylighters.

Raphael is now living a quiet life in Detroit, but he doesn’t know how to help remove Simon’s Seelie mark. Instead, Raphael tells Simon about the legend of the oldest vampire in the world who lives in the sewers of New York. If anyone knows how to help Simon, it’ll be that vampire.

Simon organizes a map of the sewers and heads down to find this mythical vampire. Maia decides against accompanying him. There’s something fishy going on with her, for sure.

Magnus Bane, What’s a Warlock Without Magic?

"It’s not about beauty. A tiger has stripes. I have eye-liner. – Magnus Bane"

Magnus and Alec look like they’ve never been closer. While Magnus struggles to complete mundane tasks without his magic, Alec gladly supports him and helps babysit Madzie (the young Warlock Magnus had rescued last season). Their peaceful day is interrupted, however, when Madzie’s ‘godmother’, the dark Warlock Iris Rouse (Stephanie Belding) tries to capture her. The first attempt is thwarted, but Magnus and Madzie are left shaken.

As Head of the New York Institute of Shadowhunters, Alec decides to arrest Iris. Magnus insists on being part of the mission as well since he knows how Iris thinks. They head to a Warlock supplies shop, where Iris portals in and captures Magnus.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Lost Souls” – In the emotional midseason premiere, everyone is dealing with the loss of Clary and are trying to move on best they can. Unbeknownst to them, the Shadowhunters face a new level of evil that they canÕt even imagine with the arrival of Jonathan Morgenstern. This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs Monday, Feb. 25 (8:00 – 9:01 P.M. EST) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


Despite not having his magic, Magnus is still a formidable opponent. When Iris attempts to read his memories to locate Madzie, she is sucked into centuries of Magnus’ traumatic past filled with wars and death. He doesn’t have to endure this torture for too long, though. Alec and Izzy come up with a plan at the Institute to fake a formal letter assuring Iris of her right to be Madzie’s guardian. Relieved, Iris returns with Magnus only to be swiftly arrested by Alec and Izzy. Magnus dislikes having to rely on others to rescue him, so he needs to learn a new way to protect himself – he wants to learn how to fight. Thankfully, he has a more than willing teacher in Alec.

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As Iris is delivered to the Gard, Consul Penhallow (Françoise Yip) informs Alec that Clary will be given a posthumous pardon for saving the Consul’s life. Alec is also off the hook for his insubordination in season 3A of Shadowhunters, but she is keeping an eye on him. Izzy confronts the Consul about rumors she has heard of Downworlders being tortured at the Gard. Penhallow refutes these claims. Yet, we see a Downworlder being experimented on – so, is someone else torturing prisoners, or is Penhallow a good liar?