11 Netflix original series ready for binging in March 2019

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Netflix original series – Losers. Image by Netflix

It’s going to be hard to balance your bingeing schedule with all the cool new Netflix original series premiering in March.

This is really just a handful of everything new coming to the streaming service next month, but even with just these select choices, there’s everything from sports documentaries to family drama to returning favorites and international action.

Losers — March 1

This is a documentary series about some of the greatest sportsmen and women who have faced public defeat and failure and how they turned that loss into a valuable learning experience.

In a society that values winning above all else, particularly in sports, this Netflix original series has a very important point to make. So many people are so afraid of failure that they never try at all, or else if they do fail at something they never try again.

Failure is often seen as a negative thing, when in fact failure is essential to personal growth and development. Failure, while difficult and challenging, is one of the most positive things that can happen to someone.

This Netflix original series explores the challenges and opportunities associated with failure and takes the stigma out of being a loser. As the description asks, “But what do we miss when we turn our back on the lessons that failure gives us?”