11 Netflix original series ready for binging in March 2019

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Secret City. Image by Netflix

Northern Rescue — March 1

I keep thinking the title of this Netflix original series is Northern Exposure. That’s a very different show.

If you’re a fan of heartwarming family drama, this is probably for you. Recent widower and rescue worker John West (Billy Baldwin) moves with his three teenage children from Boston to the remote northern community of Turtle Island Bay to be near his sister as the family struggles with their grief.

Predictably, there is push back and acting out from the children as they process their feelings in different ways, making their grieving father’s job that much harder.

But it’s not all tears and drama in this Netflix original series, because John is a rescue worker who adds a little action into the mix as he rushes into fires and belays down rock cliffs. My real question is, just how many Baldwins are there anyway?

Secret City: Season 2 — March 6

I adore Anna Torv. Ever since her days on Fringe I have loved how beautiful and strong and smart she is, how she effortlessly portrays real, flawed, complicated female characters.

Her character in Secret City is no exception, as Torv portrays a determined and canny investigative journalist, Harriet Dunkley, who becomes too involved in her own stories.

In season one, it stopped being a news story so much as it became a personal quest for truth and survival.

Season two of this Netflix original series emerges Harriet in yet another government coverup, complete with mysterious informants and assassination attempts.